Lies of P, Planet of Lana… 7 video games with stunning gameplay at gamescom 2022

Lies of P, Planet of Lana… 7 video games with stunning gameplay at gamescom 2022

Game news Lies of P, Planet of Lana… 7 video games with stunning gameplay at gamescom 2022

You probably know that gamescom was held this week. Over the days, we had the right to new announcements but also to breathtaking gameplay extracts. Here are 7 games that have convinced with their gameplay.

Atomic Heart was first revealed to us four years ago. And the least we can say is that he had then been able to make his little effect. It must be said that the idea of ​​tasting a Bioshock with Soviet sauce was rather enticing, and has become more and more so over the images revealed. Gamescom 2022 was the opportunity to push the point a little further with a video of almost four minutes full of gameplay and especially fights. From what we have seen, the sensations of the game promise to be exhilarating, visceral, and it makes you want to. In addition, good news, Atomic Heart will be available Day One in the Xbox Game Pass. However, we do not yet know its release date, but it should land on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One by the end of the year.

If the game of the creators of rick and morty unveiled a lackluster video to us during the gamescom launch party, he made up for it the following days with a gameplay video of no less than 25 minutes. Squand Games has shown us in depth its completely sassy universe. And the least we can say is that the latter will leave no one unmoved. It must be said that by offering a world filled with extraterrestrials wanting to transform other living beings into drugs, there was little chance of ending up with a tasteless game. Burlesque characters, psychedelic environments and zany conversations like it’s not allowed, everything is there so that fans of the very special atmosphere of rick and morty are having a great time on December 13 on PC and Xbox.

Last June, Bloober Team announced that it was returning to the license that allowed it to establish itself as a horror juggernaut: Layers of Fear. Soberly titled Layers of Fears, this third title was barely unveiled during the Summer Game Fest, leaving fans of the license on their hunger, curious to discover more. It’s now done since the game took advantage of gamescom to really show itself with two minutes of gameplay. Two minutes is not much it is true, but quite enough to be able to admire the realism of this Layers of Fears. Developed under Unreal Engine 5, the title offers the most striking almost photorealistic graphics that promise flawless immersion. What better for a horror game?

If there is one game that stood out during this gamescom, it’s Lies of P. To tell the truth, the title has been intriguing players for a while now, especially fans of the acclaimed Bloodborne. Lies of P is very clearly inspired by it, while revisiting the story of a tale that everyone knows (at least in cartoon): Pinocchio. If the mix is ​​intriguing, the realization, at least of the universe, was mouth-watering. But some were still on their guard. Bloodborne/Souls Like have been seen over the years, and it hasn’t always been very conclusive in terms of gameplay. But given what was shown during gamescom, there is hope for Lies of P. If everything is not perfect, what we can see below makes you really want . Alas, we will have to wait until next year to see what the game is really worth (on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series).

Planet of Lana is probably one of the most anticipated indie games right now. Over the trailers, it continues to delight players with its universe undeniably reminiscent of the atmosphere of the Ghibli films. But now, bad news fell recently: the title was postponed to spring 2023. The advantage is that the developers at Wishfully were quick to make amends. The Swedes have indeed taken advantage of gamescom to reveal the first 18 minutes of the game. The title is still as enchanting and it feels good. These 18 minutes of gameplay therefore confirm one thing: we can’t wait to finally get our hands on what already looks like a small independent nugget.

If many of you watched the gamescom launch party, you were probably less numerous in front of the Future Games Show. And yet there were some interesting things to see. It was on this occasion that the video of Layers of Fears was revealed, which we were talking about above, but also a portion of gameplay for a game that had piqued our curiosity during the Summer Game Fest: The Last Case of Benedict Fox. . It’s confirmed with the gameplay sequence unveiled at this week’s conference, this metroidvania has taste. Whether its universe (between Cthulhu and tattoo), its artistic direction or its game mechanics, everything seems skillfully thought out and realized. We can’t wait to see what it will be like once the game is released in the spring of 2023 (on Xbox and PC).

In the middle of the gamescom 2022 launch party, a most surprising game presented itself. Where Winds Meet is from Everstone Studios and NetEase. Two Chinese firms who have chosen to take their country as the theater for this game. What a change of scenery for Western players, especially since the title takes place a few centuries back. We still know little about it, but Where Winds Meet has had the merit of standing out with its ambitious and impressive gameplay. We feel some technical limits, but for a game that we did not see coming the rendering is simply stunning. It remains to be seen what it will be like once the game is released. But for that you will have to be patient. Indeed, no release date, or even platforms have been revealed so far.

And you? Which game convinced you the most?

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