L'ex-compagne de Ryan Giggs décrit son comportement « agressif »

L’ex-compagne de Ryan Giggs décrit son comportement « agressif »

Former Manchester United star Ryan Giggs’ ex-girlfriend tearfully described the behavior on Tuesday ” aggressive “ of the footballer tried for domestic violence. The 48-year-old former player, who won two Champions Leagues for the Red Devils and until recently coached the Wales national team, was in the dock on the second day of his trial before a court. Manchester court.

Accused of assaulting his former partner Kate Greville in 2020, he pleads not guilty to the violence of which he is accused, punishable by a maximum sentence of five years in prison. He must also answer for the offense of behavior of control over his companion during their relationship, which had started in 2017 and ended on the day of the facts with which he is accused.

Giggs allegedly headbutted his former girlfriend

On the second day of this highly publicized trial, the jury viewed footage of Kate Greville’s interview with the police. Sometimes in tears, the 36-year-old public relations executive, who had met Giggs through work, said she was “madly in love with him” but that “there was clearly [eu] warning signs » from the start.

This interview was conducted in November 2020 after a police intervention at the couple’s home following a violent argument. The prosecution alleges that Giggs headbutted Greville in the incident, injuring her lip, and elbowed her sister in the jaw who had stepped up to her defense. “I had never seen him so angry before. He was drunk”Kate Greville told the court.

“I was in shock. I fell backwards. »

“He tackled me to the ground and tried to grab my phone from my hand”she continued. “He approached me and headbutted me in the face”did she say. “I was in shock. I fell backwards. My lip instantly swelled up. »

“Of all the times he hurt me, that was different. Because he had a real intention (to hurt me) »she further emphasized.

Giggs’ lawyer, Chris Daw, said on Monday that the former footballer “did not resort to any unlawful violence”while affirming that his client recognized that his behavior “morally was far from perfect”.

His ex-girlfriend had suicidal thoughts

Greville detailed his suspicions of Giggs’ infidelity, saying he aggressively denied it, blocking her number and ignoring her, before begging her to come back. “It was like a constant mental battle. I started to feel horrible anxiety”she said. She notably recounted an argument in a hotel at the start of their relationship in 2017, claiming that the footballer had “literally freaked out” and dragged her naked down the hall, where he dumped the contents of her suitcase.

Greville also said he had had suicidal thoughts. “I didn’t want to continue”she said in tears. She said her ex-boyfriend gave her back “paranoid”making her wonder if she was “crazy”. “I was just naive, vulnerable, I think”she added.

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