Les Bleues brisent enfin la maldiction et verront les demies ! - Dbrief et NOTES des joueuses (France 1-0 a.p. Pays-Bas) - Football

Les Bleues brisent enfin la maldiction et verront les demies ! – Dbrief et NOTES des joueuses (France 1-0 a.p. Pays-Bas) – Football


At the end of a distressing quarter-final, the French women’s team logically managed to beat the Netherlands in extra time (1-0, ap) to clinch a historic qualification for the semi-finals of the Euro!

Les Bleues bring out the defending champions.

After five consecutive eliminations in the quarter-finals of major international competitions, the French women’s team broke the curse by winning a deserved but long success against the Netherlands (1-0, ap) this Saturday at the Women’s Euro Rotherham.

On Wednesday, the Tricolores will play the semi-finals of the competition against Germany for the first time!

Les Bleues dominate… and miss everything

After a fairly firm start, Les Bleues pressed on the accelerator and imposed a big highlight on the Dutch who suffered enormously. Not far from folding, the Oranje could however count on an imperial Van Domselaar in the goal. The goalkeeper alternately checked Diani, who started from afar, and Cascarino with her fist while preventing her defender Janssen from committing a blunder, with a fine reflex save. Toletti, who missed the target and a perfect goal, then Cascarino, checked by the post, had no more success and the Corinne Deacon band did not manage to concretize their imposing domination. Just before the break, defender Van der Gragt even made a miraculous save on her line on a shot from Malard, before returning to close range a few minutes later against Geyoro!

Van Domselaar loves the French

Change of scenery, however, on returning from the locker room following the entry of Roord: hitherto harmless, the Dutch finally played at a level more in line with their status as defending champions, which led to much more balanced discussions. Mark Parsons’ daughters benefited in particular from two big marking errors on set pieces but failed to exploit them. On the French side, the entry of the twirling Bacha gave some pep and the French again got the best chances. But Van Domselaar hearted Renard twice from a corner, while Geyoro missed the inevitable with a header.

Prisset sends Les Bleues to the semi-finals!

It was therefore necessary to wait until extra time to see the Bleues finally rewarded when Janssen mowed down Diani in the area and caused an indisputable penalty awarded after recourse to the VAR. Prisset transformed him and freed his own by finally breaking through the Van Domselaar wall, although he started on the right side (1-0, 102nd)! From then on, the Habs unrolled and did not tremble, it was even Sarr who missed the 2-0. See you on Wednesday to perhaps write a new page of history.

The score of the match: 7/10

Although one-sided, the first period turned out to be pleasant with many French opportunities. The sequel was more balanced and a little firmer, but the distressing scenario and the release after Prisset’s goal will remain etched in the memory of French supporters.

The goal :

Launches into the area by Mato, Diani is tackled late by Janssen, who does not touch the ball. After using the VAR, the referee whistled an obvious penalty that Prisset converted mid-height left from a Van Domselaar who started on the right side but who could only graze the ball (1-0, 102nd).

The notes of the Blues

Maxifoot has assigned a note (out of 10) comments on each player.

Woman of the match: Daphne van Domselaar 7/10

Even if she couldn’t prevent her country from being eliminated, it’s hard to find a player who has distinguished herself more tonight than the Dutch goalkeeper! Author of 10 saves, the player from Twente has notably hearted Renard twice from a corner, including a stoppage which is expensive in additional time. Even on the penalty, it starts from the right side and bows to nothing. The Oranje almost turned into the executioner of the Blue …


Pauline Peyraud-Magnin (5.5) : almost not worried for an hour, the tricolor goalkeeper remained vigilant to seize the slightly supported head of Van der Gragt. Vigilant in his outings.

Eve Prisset (6.5) : the right side of the French team will never remain like the one who did not tremble to register the penalty which sends her country for the first time to the semi-finals of the Euro! The Chelsea player was also solid and well presented in the game. Replaced the 106th minute by Marion Torrent (unmarked).

Griedge Mbock (5.5) : back in the eleven, the central defender made a satisfactory copy with precise and well-assured interventions. A satisfying match even if his placement sometimes left something to be desired.

Wendie Fox (6) : defensively, the captain of Les Bleues used her experience of this kind of meeting and proved to be intractable. On the offensive set pieces, on the other hand, the Lyonnaise was somewhat late in settling the target, before colliding twice in the second period with an imperial Van Domselaar.

Sakina Karchaoui (6.5) : the left side has again shown an impressive volume of play. Omnipresent offensively with many rushes and combinations, the Parisian also gave a lot in the defensive withdrawal to avert the danger at the end of the game.

Sandie Toletti (5) : a decent match for the midfielder who put in a lot of effort in the pressing. The Habs, however, committed some vital ball losses. Replace the 106th minute with Ella Palis (do not rate).

Charlotte Bilbault (5.5) : in the shadows, the midfielder made a needy match to allow the Blues to impose their hold on the midfield. Less inspires sometimes in his transmissions.

Grace Geyoro (6) : as often sharp in his forward projections, the midfielder showed the example, but the Habs will have lacked efficiency, first against Van der Gragt before the break then on his head at the end of the second act . Replaces the 87th minute with Clara Mateo (no rating)author of an inspiring entry which notably launches Diani on the action of the penalty.

Kadidiatou Diani (6.5) : Very leggy, the PSG winger systematically outpaced the Dutch defense in the first period, except that Van Domselaar prevented him from finding the fault. More discreet and bubbly after being replaced at the top of the hour mark, she still finds enough juice to get the winning penalty. Replace the 106th minute with Ouleymata Sarr (unknown)who misses the 2-0 goal.

Melvine Malard (4.5) : new tenure in the absence of Katoto, the attacker was a valuable time with his game of delivery and deflection. But the Lyonnaise still lacked presence in the zone of truth and Van der Gragt defeated her on her biggest chance at close range before the break. Replace the 62nd minute with Selma Bacha (7)author of an excellent start. Real poison and full of audacity, the Lyonnaise never stopped provoking and trying, giving the impression of being everywhere on the field. She did not manage to find the fault but her entry revitalized the Blues.

Delphine Cascarino (6.5) : once again, the OL winger had a full game and represented a real threat with each of his ball shots, which often resulted in threatening crosses. The Habs will only have missed success in the last gesture, like the stoppage of Van Domselaar’s fist then the post that she found. Logically a little less restless over the game.

France 1-0 (aet) Netherlands (half-time: 0-0) – Women’s Euro – Quarter-final
Stadium: New York Stadium – Referee: Ivana Martincic
But: Prisset (102nd sp) for France.
Warnings: Van Der Gragt (72nd), Janssen (101st) and Miedema (103rd) for the Netherlands.
FRANCE : Peyraud-Magnin – Perisset (Torrent, 106th), Mbock, Renard (c), Karchaoui – Toletti (Palis, 106th), Bilbault, Geyoro (Matthieu, 87th) – Diani (Sarr, 106th), Malard (Bacha, 62nd), Cascarino.
NETHERLANDS : Van Domselaar – Wilms (Egurrola, 115th), Van der Gragt, Janssen, Casparu (Nouwen, 106th) – Groenen, Van de Donk (Brugts, 72nd), Spitse (Leutcher, 106th) – Beerensteyn (Roord, 46th), Miedema ( c), Pelova.

Despite countless chances, Cascarino and the Blues have long goal on the Oranje.


The fault is a wall named Van Domselaar.

In extra time, Prisset transformed the liberating penalty (1-0, 102nd)

Les Bleues are in the semi-finals!

And for you, who were the best and worst players of the match? Comment in the “comments” box below!

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