les 5 règles strictes imposées au vestiaire par Erik ten Hag

les 5 règles strictes imposées au vestiaire par Erik ten Hag

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Who remembers Guy Roux, legend of AJ Auxerre, who looked after the bouncers of the region’s nightclubs and scrutinized the meters of his players’ cars on Saturday afternoon, then Sunday morning. “If there were 54 kilometers, it was because they had gone to the ball in Saint-Florentin, 27 kilometers away. It’s math.” he had told European 1. This practice has a name: micro-management. Or the art of controlling too closely the activities of its collaborators. Is coping the solution?

In Manchester, perhaps it was time to put the house in order. Appointed at the head of the Red Devils for the next three seasons, Erik ten Hag got to work even before signing his contract. A meticulous builder, he has spent the past five years at the head of the Ajax first team, a model of training where everything goes straight. And according to the Mirrorthe era of micro-management has begun at Manchester United. The publication explains that ten Hag has imposed 5 strict rules on his locker room.

No alcohol and no mole

Changing bad habits to bring success back to Old Trafford. Last year, despite a bloated squad, Manchester United ended the season in 6th place in the Premier League (worst total in its history), 35 points behind rival City, once again crowned champion. Before the start of the new season, Erik ten Hag therefore decided to use the hard way. As the team sets off on a two-and-a-half-week tour of Thailand and Australia, the new boss has warned his players that they will pay a high price if they step out of line.

United players have been told they will be sidelined if the manager finds out any of them are leaking dressing room information. A problem observed by all the coaches of the post-Ferguson era. In addition, from now on, no more delay will be accepted, in training or team meetings, regardless of the reputation of the offending player. The dressing room has also been informed that it will no longer be tolerated to drink alcohol on match weeks.

No more whining but frank discussions

The new coach also wants to put an end to the hiring of personal cooks by his players. He wants only club cooks to be authorized to prepare meals. It was he who reviewed the menus of the Carrington training complex, where fish and vegetables occupy a more important place than before, explains the tabloid. From now on, each player is subject to a personalized diet and his body mass index (BMI) will be checked every month.

Coach reputed to be intransigent, hard but fair, Erik ten Hag suspects that his decisions will not only make people happy. Despite his tough stance on many issues, the Dutchman has also asked his players to come to him if they have any problems, rather than going to their agents. More chatter in the media, more delays, more alcohol and a healthier diet, a frank relationship, these are the points on which the new manager of the Red Devils has pressed in this beginning of preparation. To see if this bears fruit in the coming weeks.

The Five Commandments of Erik ten Hag

  • You’ll be fired if you’re late for practice or team meetings

  • You will not drink alcohol during match weeks.

  • You will only eat what is prepared by the club

  • Your BMI will be checked every month

  • You won’t cry to your agent but you will speak directly to your coach

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