Le prix des billets des JO de Paris 2024 détaillé, une "billetterie populaire" réservée

Le prix des billets des JO de Paris 2024 détaillé, une “billetterie populaire” réservée



2024 Olympics – In just two years, the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympics will take place. On this occasion, President Emmanuel Macron gave an interview to the team published this Tuesday, July 26 in which he announces the establishment of a “popular ticket office”, mainly intended for young people.

“The State will buy 400,000 tickets which it will distribute to young people and schoolchildren, especially those under 16, to volunteers who contribute to the Games and to sport in France, to people with disabilities, to their caregivers, and to civil servants of the State and the communities which help with these Games, particularly categories B and C”, detailed the Head of State.

“This popular ticket office will aim to facilitate access to sport and to allow those who have contributed to the influence of the Games to access competitions, where they might not have been able to afford them”, said he added.

One million tickets at less than 24 euros

In addition and as had already been promised, the tickets will have “reasonable prices”, he continued. Indeed, one million tickets – out of 10 million for the Olympic Games and 3.4 million for the Paralympic Games – will be on sale at a price of 24 euros.

A little earlier during a press conference, the president of the Games Organizing Committee (Cojo) Tony Estanguet specified that in order for the competitions to be “accessible to the greatest number”, half of the tickets for the Olympic Games and Paralympic games will cost less than 50 euros.

8% of the tickets will be more than 200 euros in order “to have (…) full stadiums”, added the Olympic champion. The price can go up to 950 euros for very popular events such as the 100 meter final in athletics and swimming or the basketball final.

Ticketing will be based on a lottery. Registration will take place on December 1st while the start of sales will begin in February 2023 for packs of three events or sessions. In May 2023, sales of single tickets will begin.

No “JO tax”, assures Macron

“Faced with the very strong demand, the draw is the fairest way of selling to allow everyone to leave on an equal footing and try to acquire a ticket”, justifies on its Paris 2024 site. “The people selected at the end of the draw will receive a purchase slot of several hours”, but the number of tickets for purchase for each person will be limited.

Tickets for the Paralympic Games will be available from autumn 2023. “Several formulas will be offered: single tickets, day passes allowing you to discover several Paralympic sports…”, further details Paris 2024.

In the teamEmmanuel Macron also responded to criticism of the budget for the Olympic Games planned at 4 billion euros and its probable overrun, especially in a context of high inflation. He assured that “there will be no OJ tax. The Games must finance the Games”. The Olympic Games will be held from July 26 to August 11, the Paralympic Games from August 28 to September 8.

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