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“Large families”: the son of a cult family in a coma, terrible secrets about the health of the child!

Cécile Saffré, participant in the show ” Large families “will never forget the day her son Jean was born. For good reason, the little boy experienced health problems from birth. It would have been in the coma. Details in this article.

A rather difficult childbirth

“Large families: life in XXL” is an iconic show. Thanks to TF1, we got to know several families whose number of children is just incredible. Whether it is the Pellissards, the Provenchères or even the Santoros, all have agreed to share their daily lives in ” Large families “.

Some time ago, we also got to know Cécile Saffré and her clan. This large family quickly achieved a certain notoriety thanks to their appearance in the program. Moreover, like the other mothers on the show, Cécile is also very active on social media.

This Tuesday, August 2, 2022, the mother of the family celebrated a great event. Indeed, this date marks the birth of his sonJeans. If the latter is doing very well now, the boy had some problems the day of his birth.

“His coming into the world reminded us how life can change very quickly,” confided his mother to his subscribers.

A little message accompanied by a photo of Jean when he was still a baby. We could see on the picture that the boy was on oxygen.

John was born in a coma

After having posted this photo in her story, the participant of ” Large families “ shared a new snap of her son. On this one, Jean is still on oxygen and is fed via a tube passing through his mouth.

In the photo, the mother-of-one revealed that Jean has been “in pediatric intensive care in a coma” after his birth. It lasted a week according to his mother who is followed by several days of neonatology.

Despite this fight, Jean remained courageous until the end. “Courage Son” as well as “forcibly”according to Cécile Saffré, gave them a taste of life. Today, this hard ordeal is behind Jean and all his family. His parents can only be happy of the journey of the little boy since this fight.

“We are so proud of him. Happy birthday John. 11 years old today, ”concluded his mother.

Her granddaughter is sick…

As a reminder, Cécile shares her life with Fabrice Saffré for several years now. The two lovers who participate in ” Large families “ are the proud parents of 8 children.

The eldest, Paul, is now 12 years old, while his brother Jean has just celebrated his 11th birthday. There is also little Adèle, 9 years old, as well as Louis, who is 8 years old. Years after the birth of their 3rd son, Cécile and Fabrice welcomed Charles, who is now 6 years old. Three years later, Marcel was born.

Finally, little Valentine showed up 2 years ago. She will also become a big sister in her turn, in December, since her mother is currently pregnant from another girl. Note that Fabrice Saffré already has two other children born from an old relationship. His eldest sons are called Bastien and Johan. They are 20 and 22 years old.

While awaiting the birth of their ninth child, Valentine remains the youngest of Cécile and Fabrice. Moreover, the mother of the family shared worrying news about the little girl some time ago. Indeed, Valentine was the victim of violent diarrhea which caused her to lose a lot of weight.

Even after swallowing “a cocktail of drugs”his health did not improve. Therefore, the daughter of Cécile Saffé was hospitalized. His mother notably posted a snapshot of Valentine on the sleeping train on his hospital bed. According to his mother, the child is tired and “His weight continued to drop”.

A situation which obviously worried to the participants of ” Large families “. She said she would give anything to find the Valentine ” joyful “ and “joyful” from before. We wish the little girl a good recovery.

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