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Laeticia Hallyday: the truth finally comes out about her big quarrel with Jade!

According to the latest news, Laeticia Hallyday and her daughter Jade have recently made peace following their old argument. On the other hand, this mother is still worried about the private life of her eldest daughter. As a reminder, Jade Hallyday recently celebrated her 18th birthday. For this reason, Johnny Hallyday’s widow always pays attention to her duty as a mother.

Jade and Laeticia Hallyday were not on good terms!

Recently, Laeticia Hallyday’s relationship with her daughter was going through a moment of conflict. The widow of the star has also distanced herself from Jade so as not to escalate the situation. A distance that ended when the girl celebrated her birthday for her 18th birthday. On the other hand, before this festive day, the two beautiful young women were not on good terms.

Laeticia Hallyday has indeed admitted to having a disagreement with Jade. For some time, their relationship had been strained. In defiance of this circumstance, this woman still thought of her daughter’s happiness.

Remember, moreover, that Laetitia Hallyday has sacrificed as much to have Jade as for Joy. But as for any mother, her role is not easy to manage. And this even more since the death of the Taulier!

The reason for their argument revealed!

At first glance, Laeticia Hallyday did not tolerate the fact that her daughter claim its independence. Jade indeed wanted more freedom. Let’s not forget that the young woman is now in full adolescence.

For this reason, the widow of the Taulier wants above all to protect the image of her daughter. And this, mainly on social networks and in the media. Is it a good model of education for young people?

This family-minded mom kept her distance so Jade could thinking about his future. Moreover, Johnny Hallyday’s daughter began to have criticism from cybernauts about her change in behavior.

This is also the other reason why Laeticia Hallyday disapproved of her idea of ​​taking off. If the latter approves of the fact that her daughter enjoys life, it is important to her to take care of her image. And that means protecting it from critics on the networks in particular.

Laeticia Hallyday: Reconciliation with her daughter!

After having lived through these moments of quarrels, Laeticia Hallyday can no longer bear to see her family in this situation. Especially since Jade only has her mother to support her.

For this reason, the widow of Taulier decided to reconcile with her eldest daughter. In addition, she still managed to advise her daughter to question her image and her future. Indeed, the relationship has therefore found itself in good shape over time.

The family of Laeticia Hallyday would have passed his stays in Saint-Barthélemy on the occasion of Jade’s birthday celebration. We can say that everything is back to how it was!

It would also seem that Laeticia Hallyday has approved the relationship between Jade and Michael-Sean. The widow simply pointed out that she does not want to see her daughter unhappy. To put it in a nutshell, their family atmosphere has since calmed down.

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