Laeticia Hallyday

Laeticia Hallyday ruined by her daughters? In serious financial difficulty…

It will be five years in December that the super star Johnny Hallyday left us. He passed away in one of his houses which he called the Savannah. This one left behind a heavy musical legacy, many grieving fans but also by Laeticia Hallyday in the feminine as well as his children. But Laeticia, by choosing to accept her husband’s inheritancealso accepted his debts. We tell you all about this story here.

Laeticia Hallyday and the tax authorities

Laeticia Hallyday has indeed many debts. At this accumulate new debts, which fall after inspection of the tax authorities. Although she is committed to repay all debts of her late husband, it must be admitted that this seems complex. Indeed, his debts represent a large sum, nearly 30 million euros. By choosing to accept the rock star’s legacy she has also indeed chosen to face what he had to.

This amount comes from various tax adjustments. Indeed, Laeticia Hallyday has to face a particularly onerous tax adjustment. He wakes up at more than 13 million euros. A substantial sum claimed by the tax authorities in 2011 and which was charged to Johnny Hallyday’s company, Navajo.

“it is my duty, I accept it”

Laeticia Hallyday has however promised to repay each debt from her husband. She made the promise to Paris Match in July. She firmly asserts that she will refund every euro claimed from her. The mother of the family even declares “it’s my duty, I accept it”. A speech that is incoherent to say the least, since on the other hand it is starting procedures to fail to pay any of the adjustments. It is not the least, moreover, but the one to 13 million euros. Thus, the beautiful blonde has initiated proceedings hoping to win the fact not to pay it backaccording to Capital.

Financial deficiencies

The reason why Laeticia Hallyday seeks not to have to repay this amount is simple. Indeed, the mother of the two daughters Jade and Joy suffers from money problems. She has, in fact, too little on hand to pay his debts to the taxman. To manage to raise such a sum, she sees herself in the obligation to sell real estate. Like in particular the Pacific Palisades villa or the Savannah where Johnny breathed his last. It is therefore while waiting for these cash inflows to arrive that Laeticia Hallyday asks tax reprieve.

Laeticia Hallyday freezes her debts

While Laeticia Hallyday returned last March to Paris, she decided to go to the commercial court of the capital. There she filed a request for safeguard proceedings. The second chamber of the court acceded to his request. In this way, the debts of the mother of the family are now frozen. Just like the lawsuits of the creditors.

This suspension that Laeticia Hallyday managed to getting is a perfect opportunity for her to make a repayment schedule over a period that cannot exceed ten years. With this delay, Jalil Lespert’s fiancée will be able to more easily repay all of its debts in order to completely clear the name of her late husband.

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