Laeticia Hallyday

Laeticia Hallyday injured: the mother of Jade and Joy victim of an incident in Saint-Barthélémy!

This mother organizes vacations every year to clear her mind. She likes to settle comfortably in her villa Jade. However, Laeticia Hallyday’s moment of relaxation was spoiled by an unexpected event. Fortunately, this did not prevent this young mother from enjoying her moments of relaxation.

The passage of Laeticia Hallyday in Saint-Barthélemy

Every year, Jade and Joy’s mother enjoy his vacation on the beach of Saint-Barthélemy. Laeticia Hallyday also adopts a serene and stable lifestyle. His ultimate need is to recharge his batteries in peaceful places like this.

Moreover, this tropical place is the ideal place where she feels good, far from the pressure of everyday life. In a word, the latter is fully delighted with its relaxation on the hot sand.

This mother of two values ​​this annual routine to clear your mind. In addition, Saint-Barthélemy has sentimental value for the singer’s family. We can deduce that his passage was not only to prioritize his summer vacation.

Indeed, she clings to a person who matters most in her life. It’s a great way to enjoy the present moment! Plus, it’s an easier way to reconnect with your beloved family.

The accident that happened in Saint-Barthélemy

Laeticia Hallyday almost suffered after-effects during his stay in this heavenly place. Indeed, his toes were seriously fractured following a false movement on the beach. We had to immobilize his joints with a splint.

Who could have imagined this was going to happen? Fortunately, this widow is doing better and remains positive despite the situation. Which reassures his fans because for some time now, the Taulier family has had to deal with a lot of incidents.

Recently, Jade and Laeticia Hallyday argued in Saint-Barthélemy. Like all mothers, this mother only wants to protect her eldest daughter. Moreover, she strongly advises the latter to limit the pleasures of youth.

Strictly speaking, after the event of the celebration of its 18 candles, the widow of Johnny Hallyday worried about his life course. Fortunately, their quarrels have ended because the love that unites the two is much stronger than anything.

Laeticia Hallyday visits her beloved!

As news, this devoted mother notably paid tribute to her husband Johnny Hallyday. It’s a simple gesture full of emotion on his part. This is even the reason why she likes going to Saint-Barthélémy so much.

This place reminds him so much of the memories of his life with the Taulier. Thus, Laeticia Hallyday is grateful to have been able to live so many years of passion with this great pillar of her home.

The inhabitants of Saint-Barthélemy took charge of decorating her husband’s tomb. The reason is to demonstrate solidarity and respect to this idol. Among other things, the image of Johnny Hallyday is predominant on this French island. On the one hand, this once again pushes his wife not to forget the existence of her lover.

On the other hand, it is an act of fidelity to one’s partner. Even if Johnny hasn’t been around for a few years, his absence is still just as present. Will she be able to continue on her own? No one knows but in any case, we can estimate that next year, Laeticia Hallyday will return to the city of singer Jean-Philippe Smet!

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