La mayonnaise commence à prendre [Joueur par joueur Bordeaux-Niort] - Girondins

La mayonnaise commence à prendre [Joueur par joueur Bordeaux-Niort] – Girondins

The Girondins de Bordeaux have won their first success at home, the second of the season. They beat Niort 1-0 in a fairly close encounter. Let’s look at player-by-player performance.

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DavidScreenplay : he chooses continuity, work and automatisms between his players. He is right because it pays off. His team, which has gaps in the game, showed solidarity and tactical rigor which allowed him to win this meeting. In addition, he launched the young Louis-Jean successfully.

Gaetan Poussin : a serious match, and a flight in the 70′ to get a ball in his top corner. On this action, he allows Bordeaux to keep the three points. Pay attention to his concentration because he misses a control on a back pass. Fortunately, he is catching up well.

by Louis-Jean Johan : successful first for the young 18-year-old from Bordeaux. He fulfilled his task with enthusiasm by blending into the collective. His week of work with the staff paid off. In addition, he did not hesitate to strike offensively and showed good combinations with Delaurier-Chaubet whom he knows well. The two men played together in National 3.

Stian Greggersen : Big match in the duels of the Norwegian with 7 which were won in the air and on the ground. He repeatedly covered Bokele who was overwhelmed by Sagna.

my youngest : It progresses from game to game. He won 5 duels, made accurate passes (91%) and provided good coverage on Louis-Jean.

Malcolm Collect : The Cameroonian international U23 suffered in this meeting. It’s not a professional side and it felt. He was overwhelmed several times by Sagna who gave him a hard time. Nevertheless, he compensates for this speed deficit with a strong presence in the duels and 9 fights won. He ends the meeting with cramps.

Tom Lacoux : always very useful in the balance of the team and the replacement of the block and the midfield. He wins few duels and ensures his transmissions as the first raiser with 89% of successful passes. He lost a ball at 45+1 which could have been very expensive. He still needs to progress in the forward game.

fransergio : a game without for the Brazilian. Overwhelmed by the physical play of the opposing midfielder, he was turned off in this match. His lack of physical impact and risk-taking in the conduct of the offensive game did not help the collective. Nevertheless, he ensured his defensive replacements.

Danylo Ihnatenko : another uneven game for the Ukrainian player, some rough play useful in the fight to win the ball, but a lot of failed transmissions. He loses 20 balls in this game, it’s too much for a player who has to make transitions forward. He shoots three times on goal off target.

Logan Delaurier-Choubet : sole scorer in the game, he wins his face-to-face with the opposing goalkeeper full of cold blood. He inherits a superb pass from Josh Maja on his opener. Previously, he had had an opportunity from the 1st minute of play which he missed because his shot went into the stands. After his goal, he had a moment of euphoria where he ran with great intensity on each of his actions. Finally, he does the defensive work without complaining.

Dilan Bakwa : rather discreet in this part, he defended a lot on his side. He touched few balls in this meeting.

Josh Maja: his pass is incredible for Delaurier-Chaubet during the winning goal. It saves his game. He does not have a goal opportunity but he works for the collective. He only touches 25 balls in this part.

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