La France capitule face à l'Allemagne / Euro 2022 / Demies / Allemagne-France (2-1) /

La France capitule face à l’Allemagne / Euro 2022 / Demies / Allemagne-France (2-1) /


Tied up in the first period, more liberated thereafter, the Blue looked the Germans in the eye. Except in their area, where no one could bear the gaze of a double scorer Alexandra Popp. Once again dazzling, the center-forward hoisted his in the final of the Euro.

Germany 2-1 France

But: Pop (40e76e) for Germany // Frohms (45eCCS) for France

It seems that everyone knows the story. In the end, Germany wins and everybody. It’s unbearable. It’s a cliche. But that, the Women buffer themselves. So the players of Martina Voss-Tecklenburg told a well-known story: not ridiculous, even rather at ease in the second half, France held their rank. She also lost, overwhelmed by a more mature, more effective formation and carried by a player, Alexandra Popp, who asserts herself as the grandissime Bomber of this competition.

Diani, pot and post

A little inhibited by the challenge, the two selections begin piano-piano. Germany – who have yet to concede a single goal in the event – prefer cautious possessions to vertical attacks, while ensuring maximum pressure as soon as the leather passes between the French feet. A little more discreet, the Blues rely on the projections of Geyoro, the defensive serenity of Renard and the technical accuracy of Cascarino. Neutralized, France generally does not know what to do in front, like Diani. The PSG winger fishes by unwelcome excesses of individualism, in particular by forgetting Malard, well launched in the axis at the half-hour mark.

Corinne Deacon’s players stammer their football a little too much, and Alexandra Popp will not hesitate to call them to order: the center-forward first forces Peyraud-Magnin to slam a good free kick. Then take advantage of a good cross from Huth to hole the nets of the French goalkeeper, dried up with a volley in first intention. The fifth goal in as many games for the Wolfsburg player. A dirty trick on the noggin of the Blue? Yes but no. Not on his plate so far, Diani unsheathes a wonderful shot from the right from 20 meters, which successively hits the post, then Frohms, to finish his journey behind the goal line. A splendid pawn, which launches an encounter that has suddenly flared up.

Top of the Pop

Change of cards in the second half. Deacon releases Malard for Bacha to gain control in the middle and launches Mateo into the arena on the hour mark. France gains in collective control, while Diani, placed in the axis, scares the German defense . But it was Renard, with a header from a corner, who almost failed to bend the opponent, saved by a reflex stoppage from Frohms. Germany let the storm pass and can in turn cause the storm to blow. The Blues will not resist. Huth draws a bulging cross into the box and Popp, irresistible, dominates his world to smack a superb header into the French cage. A pawn à la Gerd Müller, à la Klose, à la Rudi Völler. In German, what. Deacon’s flock can only give in and let Germany sink into the final against England next Sunday.
Germany (4-3-3): Frohms – Gwinn, Hendrich, Hegering (Doorsoun-Khajeh, 81e), Rauch-Magull (Dallmann, 68e), Oberdorf, Däbritz (Lohmann, 69e) – Huth, Popp, Mark. Selector : Martina Voss-Tecklenburg.

France (4-3-3): Peyraud-Magnin – Perisset, Mbock, Renard, Karchaoui – Geyoro, Bilbault, Toletti (Sarr, 80).e) – Diani, Mallard (Bacha, 45e+3), D. Cascarino (Matthew, 61e) Selector: Corinne Deacon.

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    By Adrien Candeau

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