key figures you absolutely need to know in 2022

key figures you absolutely need to know in 2022


Since its inception in 2010, it has become the ultimate photo sharing platform. More than 1.16 billion monthly users are active on the site. On average, users spend 53 minutes a day on Instagram, which makes this platform the second most visited social network after Facebook. Instagram is therefore a great opportunity to develop the notoriety and activity of your company. Discover several key figures on Instagram to know whatever your objectives of notoriety, loyalty or acquisition…

Instagram age demographics

Age Percentage of users
13-17 7.3
18-24 29.8
25-34 33
35-44 16
45-54 8.1
55-64 3.8
65+ 2.1

Gender demographics on Instagram

sex Percentage of users
Women 50.8
Men 49.2

Sources: Hootsuite, WeAreSocial

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An interesting source of leads

Instagram is still a viable avenue for users to find new products and services. With 79% of marketers considering Instagram an integral part of their campaigns, it’s no wonder that even in 2022, it’s still a compelling source of leads. This versatile platform already has a wide global reach and 83% of its users turn to it to find new products or services.

The acceleration of Instagram sales

According to a Facebook study in 2019, 65% of respondents visited a brand’s website or app after seeing it on Instagram. 46% of respondents have purchased from a brand online or offline.

After seeing posts with product information on the platform, 87% took a specific action, such as following a brand, visiting their store, or making a purchase.

Influencer Marketing and Instagram

Instagram is the preferred channel for brands engaging in influencer marketing. Indeed, daily users spend about 8 minutes on the app and 500 million use Instagram stories daily. There are also a large number of influencers on the site with a massive amount of followers. With the right Instagram marketing strategy, you can also become an influential brand.

With many influencers making Instagram their go-to platform, the user base is growing steadily. With millions of brands advertising on the network, it’s no surprise that Instagram is quickly becoming the social network for users and digital marketers.

  • Instagram has been downloaded 3.8 billion times;
  • 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day;
  • 4 million businesses use Instagram Stories ads every month.

Source: Giraffe social networks

4 out of 5 brands use Instagram for influencer marketing

Although Instagram saw a slight decline in usage in 2020, its popularity has increased in 2021. Instagram is the network of choice for influencer marketing campaigns, with 79% of brands (compared to 68% in 2020) considering it as the most important platform for them in 2021.

77% of fashion micro-influencers prefer Instagram

Influencer preference for Instagram is even greater when the influencer works in a highly visual niche like fashion. In comparison, only 31% of entertainment/pop culture micro-influencers prefer Instagram, a less visual niche.

Over the past few years, Instagram has evolved from a place of flexibilization of wealth or achievements to a useful platform for business purposes. Using Instagram in B2B can therefore have a positive and significant impact on your business.

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