Karine Le Marchand

Karine Le Marchand is spending her holidays with a candidate from Love is in the meadow!

Karine Le Marchand also took a vacation. Like the other animators, journalists, all end up taking, one day or another, leave. If the host had already announced her eventful start to her vacation with Stéphane Plaza, the latter is still in good company. Indeed, she shared a photo on her Instagram profile that she was resting at home with one of the former candidates of Love is in the meadow. We tell you everything here.

Karine Le Marchand on vacation

It is in Provence that Karine Le Marchand takes a little rest after her vacation with Stéphane Plaza. She lives in Provence in peace and enjoys the sun. But she is not alone. Indeed, one of the favorite hosts of the French has shared some pictures with a former candidate of the show who has become his friend. The candidate in question is Matthewwho found love with Alexandre on the M6 ​​show. The latter is a bull breeder in the Camargue. But his work does not prevent him from taking vacations as we have seen with his Instagram post where he says then “That’s how we love each other… with simplicity, complicity, sincerity and depth. Long live the holidays in the South”.

Shortly after this post, it’s Karine Le Marchand who also posted an Instagram post. On this one we can recognize Éric Antoine the famous magician who does not lack energy. But we also see Mathieu who is therefore very present with her for these holidays. But Mathieu is not the only friend of Love is in the meadow of the facilitator. Indeed, on the photo we also recognize Aurelia who had been a participant in season 13.

In description Karine Le Marchand writes “My friends in “eur” (farmer and magician) come to visit my site”. Indeed, she will have acquired a property that is not yet completely finished building. Mathieu even mocks in the comments saying “Uh construction site? How to say… you are better than me, I will come to cook when it’s all over, not before”.

Matthew and Alexander

Thanks to Karine Le Marchand’s show, Mathieu and Alexandre were able to meet. Indeed, Mathieu had a real crush on Alexandre. A mutual crush since last year the couple officially united in the Camargue. And during this marriage, when Mathieu’s father was dying, he asked Karine Le Marchand to lead him down the aisle. A decision that had greatly affected the host. Fans were quick to react by posting comments like “Friendship is beautiful”, “A nice friendly meeting. Very happy for you” or “Top both”.

If Mathieu is currently on vacation alone with Karine Le Marchand, it is because her husband had to be absent for the summer. Indeed this physical separation is only summer. Alexandre had made a video to announce it in which he said “I go away all summer to Deauville. I managed to get a contract for the summer, so I’ll be able to get back into racehorses a bit, take a breather. It will change me from draft horses and Camargue people”. He then addsWe will then meet at the start of the school year. for the release of the book [dans lequel ils vont raconter leur parcours, NDLR]”.

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