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Karine Ferri and Camille Combal, it’s over: their last conversation revealed!

Karine Ferri maintained her decision to leave the show “Dancing with the Stars”. She explains on her Instagram account that she would not present the Debrief of the show during season 12 of the program. In order to put an end to the rumors about her departure, she confirms that she really wishes tembark on new adventures. She explains how TF1 and Camille Combal reacted to her decision. Zoom on this emotional departure of Karine Ferri.

The voluntary decision of Karine Ferri

“It’s a well-considered decision,” she said. She leaves the show on a positive wave. She explains that his last season on “Dancing with the stars” was a great experience:

“Last season went very well and I had a lot of fun. It was a great challenge to see me entrusted with the reins of the second part of the evening of this program that I particularly like,” she explains.

In a publication on her Instagram account, Karine Ferri devoted a quick review of his journey in “Dancing with the Stars”. We find her in 2016, as a candidate with her dance partner Yann-Alrick Mortreuil. She had just won season 7 of the contest. In season 8, we already saw her among the ten presenters of TF1 with Sandrine Quetier.

We can clearly see that this team is close to his heart, however. However, the 40-year-old host wants to turn to something else.

“But I just want to do something else. And it’s always better to leave on a good note,” she says.

She explains that she has several projects that she would like share with subscribers.

“Today, I aspire to other adventures that I can’t wait to share with you and TF1,” she adds.

It is to give 100% in these projects that she must free up time. That’s why she has to leave the show.

The touching reaction of his partner on his publication

As a host, Karine Ferri participated in the Zénith tour in Nantes Métropole and that of Rouen in 2018. She then co-hosts season 9 and 10 of the show with Camille Combal. The following season, she became the presenter of the “Dancing with the Stars” after-party.

Karine Ferri concludes her message with a little thought to his former partner :

“To you my Camille Combal: You Rock! »

He reacts quickly and reply to comment :

“But who am I going to do my after parties with? I kiss you, I’m going to miss you so damn much. »

How did his team make their decision?

“You have to know how to listen to your desires,” says Karine Ferri.

She is grateful because his colleagues knew how to listen to him.

“TF1 knew how to listen to my desires and respect MY choice. I thank them for that,” she said.

She is delighted that her decision is well received.

“They were very understanding. When you say you want something else, it’s better to let the person go. I had Camille Combal on the phone, he was also very kind to me. We all leave on good terms and then I won’t be far away… Dancing with the Stars is a real family. »

Good memories that she will keep for a long time

We will soon find Karine Ferri as presenter of “The Voice Kids” in its season 8. She assures that even if she leaves the show, “Dancing with the stars” will always occupy a big place in her heart.

“It was a great pride,” she says.

She recounts the good times with her team and talks about it with so much emotion in her lyrics:

“When I participated as a candidate in 2016. There was a lot of emotion, because I had just been a mother for the first time. (…) I gave 100% and made it to the semi-finals. »

She explains all the same that it was by being an animator that she made the most memories.

“On the animation side, these are the funny moments spent with Camille Combal and those behind the scenes, more moving, alongside the families of the candidates. »

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