Joy Hallyday

Joy Hallyday: flashy bikini, false nails, at 13 she displays a well-defined style of clothing!

Joy Hallyday is very active on social networks. Lately, the teenager shared her vacation days. The opportunity for her to affirm her style of dress. Details in this article.

Joy Hallyday assures with her new look

Johnny Hallyday accomplished a lot in his lifetime. If the Taulier has been successful, his large blended family is surely his greatest success. Remember that the rocker left behind four children. Among them, we find the youngest, Joy Hallyday. The latter is now 13 years old.

Like most teenage girls her age, Joy is very active on Instagram. If initially, she had put her private account, today everyone has access to her profile. The girl does not hesitate to post some pretty daring pics.

Recently, it was his vacation in Saint-Barthélemy that had shared the little sister of David Hallyday. Indeed, Johnny’s youngest posted several pictures of his stay on his account.

Thus, we could see that the teenager has already a look of her own. Purple jersey, false nails and hat upside down, Joy has grown up. Its subscribers have obviously commented on these photos taken next to the beach.

“So beautiful,” wrote one user.

Another notably wished a “good stay” to Joy Hallyday. Very in love with the island of Saint-Barthélemy, the little sister of Laura Smet also made a post on his TikTok account. As a description of this video of her, she wrote:

“I love you Saint Barth”.

A message that proves that this place has a special place in his heart.

This gesture that angered Internet users

By being the daughter of the Taulier, Joy Hallyday is at the center of attention medias. Thus, each of her actions and gestures always makes people talk about her. Moreover, a few days ago, it was a posture of the beautiful brunette who made a lot of noise.

Indeed, on July 18, 2022, Jade’s little sister appeared with a friend on her account. Dressed in a black hoodie, the girl did not hesitate to give the finger of honor on the picture. A gesture that greatly displeased Internet users. In the comments, many expressed their anger towards Joy.

“What interest to do this when you have a mother who knows how to spread love against all odds”, can we read.

Another person even said that Joy was a “ill-behaved girl”. After reading all these comments, Joy Hallyday responded to his detractors. She said :

“You all prove me right. »

A comment that has even more angered netizens.

It seems that Joy Hallyday prefer not to pay attention to critics. Just a few days after this post, she one more time raised her middle finger while posing for a photo.

A snapshot that the teenager had obviously shared on her Instagram account. In this image, Joy Hallyday wore sunglasses and a cap. We can also notice that the beautiful brunette ate a lollipop on the snapshot.

Joy Hallyday, her relationship with her nephew Cameron

After the death of the Taulier, his family broke up for a matter of inheritance. As a result, some of his family members no longer get along with others. Even the children within the clan are no longer in contact since this conflict. This is the case of Jade and Joy with Emma and Cameron.

Moreover, on her TikTok account, Joy Hallyday had mentioned her relationship with his big brother’s son. A user commented on one of his posts saying that she knew his ” cousin “.

“Cameron, like your nephew, I don’t know,” she clarified.

A comment that did not go unnoticed in the eyes of the little sister of Jade Hallyday. Joy has, in fact, replied to this message by specifying that it was his nephew. She also revealed that her relationship with Cameron today is “complicated”.

According to Joy Hallyday, she and Cameron don’t talk to each other anymore for some time. No doubt this has to do with the conflict of inheritance between Laeticia Hallyday and her two stepchildren.

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