Jordy: this is how his father burned his entire fortune when he was little!

Several years after his first appearance on the front of the stage, Jordy gives us some news. The young man had been wildly successful in the 90s. And despite the passage of time, some of his fans have not forgotten what he was doing at the time. Many of us, however, have questions about what has become of him. He tells us !

Jordy: a successful personality!

Jordy Lemoine officially revealed himself in the 1990s. Since then, the mere fact of hearing his name is enough to get the crowds up! Star from an early agethe little man of the time indeed knew how to captivate the hearts of more than one.

In fact, many people had even considered him to be their “idol”. His future looked very bright!

Like any other artist, a piece by Jordy Lemoine particularly stood out! For the singer, it was undoubtedly his title “hard, hard to be a baby“. At that time, this song was constantly looping!

To a point where almost all French people knew the lyrics by heart. You will understand, the native of Saint-Germain-en-Laye has been a real success!

His father is the king of mind control?

After “hard, hard to be a baby“, other unreleased titles by Jordy Lemoine followed one another. To name but a few, there were, for example, Les Boules, Alison and It’s Christmas.

The latter which was released in 1993 and became a classic Christmas hit. Following this big popularity, many people wonder about what the singer could touch.

And the least we can tell you is that Jordy Lemoine had a very comfortable childhood. According to our colleagues from Here, it seems that the turnover of the artist reached 10 million euros. An impressive figure that we cannot even imagine!

Especially since Lemoine was only a teenager at that time. In 2006, the man then made big secrets about his father. His progenitor, whom he considered the ” king of mind control !

Jordy: victim of a financial crisis!

It should be noted that Jordy had just come of age in 2006! His arrival at the Caisse des dépôts et consignations then turned out to be a situation at the center of great confusion. To his surprise, it turns out the man hadn’t even touched the goods. which are supposed to return to him !

“No trace of the ‘huge royalties’ he was supposed to get when he came of age.” His father who is unemployed was therefore the main suspect! However, he denied the facts and blamed his wife!

His father made a point of pointing out that it was a manipulation aimed at whitewashing Jordy’s mother in a financial rout ! The affair lasted a few years. Luckily, the hit singer ended up winning the process hands down in 2009.

Of course, a sum of damages was paid to him! This counted the 820,000 euros.

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