Johnny Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday: this operation advised by Laeticia which disfigured the rocker!

Johnny Hallyday, after years of look for love finds what he was looking for in the arms of Laeticia Boudou, thirty years his junior. They married on March 25, 1996 and adopted two little girls from Vietnam. His two daughters are then named Jade, born August 3, 2004, and Joy, born July 27, 2008. Almost five years after his death, Johnny Hallyday is always so many emulators. However, Laeticia Hallyday and her two daughters are talking about them too. Between escapades and debts, Johnny’s name does not leave the lips of the French. If some still did not know it, the rocker had also answered the call of the scalpel. However, one of his operations ruined a concert in the United States in 1996. Only a few months after marrying his wife, Laeticia Hallyday…

Johnny Hallyday: a timeless legend

Johnny Hallyday constitutes a true legend. Although he is no longer a part of our lives, anecdotes continue to come to light day after day. We therefore always learn more about the one who was once nicknamed the idol of young people. A few days ago, his ex-girlfriend Nathalie Baye, to whom he remained close, made some confidences about the end of his life. She then gave news on Johnny Hallyday in France on Sunday. ” In the last few years he was extremely unhappy in his life. He was all alone, all day, in his office, with the television on. I had never seen him go so badly. He looked like the living dead. I was sad that Laura saw her father in this state..

On the occasion of the broadcast on Netflix of the documentary series entitled Johnny par Johnny, relics of the past have resurfaced. This series allowed recall anecdotes that some fans didn’t know or couldn’t remember. Thus, his concert in Nevada in 1996 turned into drama because of a cosmetic surgery operation. A procedure that Laeticia Hallyday, his wife, has largely supported.

Fatal lip injections

While Johnny Hallyday, a classical dancer before becoming an iconic rocker, seemed on the verge of getting his revenge after being forced tocancel a concert in Las Vegas. And this, because of a white angina due to stress, the father of Jade and Joy lived the opposite experience. Indeed, Laeticia Hallyday, whom he had just married a few months earlier, would have advised him to restore volume to his lips using botox. Laurence Pieau and François Vignolle, in the book Laeticia: the real storymade revelations. ” The result is catastrophic. The teen idol inherited a duck mouth”.

Frozen and under cortisone, the singer could not perform his performance and was even booed by the audience. To camouflage the drama caused by these injections, Johnny Hallyday had therefore tried to hide them by adopting a mustache which never left him after the fact… A relation to the scalpel which unfortunately does not end well for him. An experience that he probably did not repeat.

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