Jenifer in a little pink nightie: the singer charms the Web with her new clip!

If Jenifer has already made her fans very happy by revealing that her ninth album was already in the studio and about to go outshe has them too fulfilled otherwise. Indeed, last Wednesday she shared a photo of herself where you can see her in a pink babydoll which quickly caused a sensation. It must be said that this outfit is part of his clip “Sauve qui m’aime” enough to delight the ears and eyes. We’ll explaine everything here.

Jenifer a very present artist

Jenifer earned her place as a public figure a long time ago. In particular thanks to his voice which is his working tool. But we were also able to see her and follow her during the show The Voice where she was a jury. But despite his many projectsshe does not forget her job. Indeed, she has been working for several months already on his ninth album. This one is of course highly anticipated by his fans.

This one was recorded in England in the beautiful city of London. And so it was on August 12 that the 39-year-old singer, Jenifer, shared the news. “Driiiing driiiiing. The holidays are ending soon but… For the best because I finally find you ! More than a week before the release of “Sauve qui amour”… my heart is beating faster and faster! And while waiting you can register the title on the platforms !”.

This is how Jenifer shared an extract from her clip. In this one, we can see her wearing a very beautiful pink babydoll that suits her perfectly. Something to show off your body. But that’s not all. You can also see it completely transformed. It turns out that she traded her beautiful brown hair for a platinum blonde and a dress very close to the body. Something to reflect the image of the femme fatale.

A unanimous publication

As expected, this excerpt caused a stir. Both musically and visually. We can thus see the young mother, Jenifer, in a pink nightie and perfectly styled disheveled. She plays the role of a slightly crazy housewife. And this extract only fuels the impatience of its subscribers who only have the can’t wait to finally see the full clip. The date has however been announced to stop the suspense. This is what Friday from 10 a.m..

So, you can already go see and listen to the clip of the artist Jenifer just to form your own opinion. The comments under his publication reveal the hatred of his subscribers. So we can read “I look forward to be on Friday to discover “Sauve qui amour”, “Too hasty”, ” Ohlalalaa, I can’t wait !!!! “, “ omg the clip looks crazy !!!!!! too much haste”.

On the other hand, for the complete album, we will have to wait a few more months. In effect, Jennifer has planned the release of his album for the month of November of this year. It is therefore after that that we will be able to find the singer on stage during a tour throughout France. A highly anticipated tour. It must be said that it has been several years since Jenifer did not go on stage!

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