Jean-Luc Reichmann

Jean-Luc Reichmann in tears: He announces the death of his mother, “Today I’m crying”

Very sad news has come taint the summer of Jean-Luc Reichmann. Indeed, the presenter of 12 Coups de midi has lost his mother, Josette, on August 7. And this, as he revealed on the afternoon of August 11 on social networks. He then published an Instagram post to pay tribute to his beautiful mother.

A touching tribute

Througha series of pictures on which we see the mother of Jean-Luc Reichmann smiling. Indeed, in the company of the father of the animator on one and his son on the other, the animator decided to celebrate the woman who gave him life. This highlight of life is accompanied bya poignant text. A text that perfectly succeeds in paying homage and honoring his mother. She would have been 88 in December.

” TodayI’m crying. My heart no longer shines, yours is extinguished. Tonight, your place will be empty at belote, because you left to play with Dad again ‘A funny life’. Together, you have taught us to give, to share, to transmit, to work, to fight with respect, to laugh, to unite, to tell each other everything, to be strong and loyal, but above all sincere. You put sunshine in my life every day, Mom, with your words so right, your expressions so funny, your reflections so disconcerting. Excuse me, Mom, but today I’m in so much pain., he reveals to begin with.

A difficult moment for Jean-Luc Reichmann

Jean-Luc Reichman has followed : “He is am going to try to continue the path that you have traced, that of the magic of life that you opened up for us with Dad, but with this unbearable feeling of the lack of you, of your voice on a daily basis, of your look so mischievous and so complicit , of your charismatic presence. Just before you left, I said to you: ‘Don’t forget that I love‘, you heard me and you answered me with your eyes so bright: ‘Me too’. (…) Don’t worry, Mom, we’ll never forget the family Sunday roast beef, the butter cookies for special occasions, the white roses on Sundays and the buttercream and coffee ice cream log that we miss every Christmas. ».

Jean-Luc Reichmann: “Your son… for life”

Jean-Luc Reichmann, the 61-year-old host, closed his text for his mother with one of the most beautiful declarations of love. “He is love you very much, you know, Mom, and I know that from where you are, you see us and that you watch over us. Wherever you are, wherever I am, you will always be there, very close to me. Go on, ‘Top hearts’, as you say and thank you. Thank you Mom, for all you have done for us. Kiss daddy hard. Your son…for life”, he expressed, full of love.

A message for which Jean-Luc Reichmann notably received many messages of support. And this, from his unconditional fans. But also of his colleague from Léo Mattéi, Lola Dubini. ” My thoughts my JL, to her, to you, and the whole family…”declared with great gravity the actress. A life obstacle that will take time to manage. Jean-Luc Reichmann remains very well surroundedby his family and friends. We share with him all our condolences.

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