Jean-Luc Reichmann

Jean-Luc Reichmann: in bed with his darling Nathalie Lecoultre, he shares an ultra intimate moment!

The activity leaders, like the other workers, also take vacations during the summer. It is therefore far from the TV set that Jean-Luc Reichmann and his wife are enjoying their vacation. The latter even revealed a moment of intimacy in the marital bed. We tell you everything.

A very private couple

If usually Jean-Luc Reichmann and Nathalie Lecoultre prefer to remain discreet, they sometimes deviate from the rule. Indeed, in the press the pretty couple confides in their cocoon of love what is Corsica in their eyes. They sometimes even publish very explicit photos of private moments. Something to satisfy the curiosity of some.

But last Wednesday, the companion of the very happy Jean-Luc Reichmann shared a photo when they woke up in their bed! She shared it on her Instagram profile to show how her man was. But too bad for people who love shocking news a little too much, this is not a photo of the couple in bed, but just of Nathalie and her husband in bed with a coffee.

Source: Capture Instagram Story

On this Instagram story, we can just see the couple’s uncovered legs intertwined as well as a coffee in the latter’s hand. A nice photo of very implicit tenderness, but which is always a pleasure to see.

Jean-Luc Reichmann in love as at the beginning

The life of an animator can be very demanding. In addition, this year is a bit special. This is the 12th anniversary of the 12 noon shots. It was therefore of course necessary to mark the event. So Jean-Luc Reichmann may have been less present at home. But no matter, now he’s on vacation. And for now, that’s all that matters. Thus, the host takes advantage of his dear wife. He even took advantage of his vacation to visit Gabin, a very dear friend of his.

Jean-Luc Reichmann still seems so in love with his wife. Like from day one. Indeed, the latter writes on the story “Thank you my heart”. Indeed, the mother of six children seemed to have been really touched by this little attention as soon as she woke up. We had already been able to see the pretty couple on July 22 in a photo. On this last one, they were both hyper smiling and seemed more than happy to be photographed together. In fact, they give the impression of love like the first day. And it is very beautiful to see. The couple was also able to enjoy another great moment last June.

Indeed, they went to the country of the American dream, the United States. There, they wanted to share their stay with all the people who follow them. There was therefore only to follow Jean-Luc Reichmann or his wife to be aware of their trip and its progress. A nice way to take their fans on a journey the time of some photos or videos.

In any case, the couple seemed, once again, resplendent together. What make you want to have a long life as a couple with lots of children. And live happily ever after, a real fairy tale.

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