Jean-Luc Reichmann et sa femme Nathalie Lecoultre au lit : un cliché intime inédit !

Jean-Luc Reichmann and his wife Nathalie Lecoultre in bed: an unprecedented intimate shot!

The benevolence of Jean-Luc Reichmann is not just a legend. Indeed, between Nathalie and him, it is the great love. We tell you everything!

Jean-Luc Reichmann is no longer a heart to take!

In this documentary, we discover incredible things about Jean-Luc Reichmann. Ready for any sacrifice to have a long career, he was unaware that a succession of small coincidences will lead him to paradise. Indeed, the one who has already given the reply to Roger Hanin crunches life to the fullest. Anxious to convey his good humor to his audience and those around him, he competes in ingenuity to achieve his ends. However, the fact that he did not pass the ring on his dear Nathalie remains a mystery. Phew, thanks to our colleagues from Galawe better understand the subtleties of his lack of motivation to honor the meeting in front of the Mayor. ” I feel more free and happy that way. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect our relationship. On the contrary, it is our choice for both of us. » Including the mother of her children in the double, their philosophy will not leave anyone indifferent. “We prefer to enjoy the present moment. Don’t see anything weird about it, that’s how we love each other. (…)” In life as behind the scenes of Leo Matteihe admits that they are “very complicit [et] complementary. (…)” In his eyes, the ingredients of happiness aret ‘respect and elegance !

Jean-Luc Reichmann, in love as on the first day

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) nathalielecoultre

If he often misses the lovers’ party, he makes up for it a few months later. Just before the crossover of the holidays, he knows that he must imperatively make a gesture in favor of his tender Nathalie. On the calendar, it is indicated that it is his day! No sooner has he opened his eyes than he shows himself charming, helpful and above all affectionate. In the story of the lucky one, we feel her emotion as well as her happiness. After several weeks exploring the United States by motorcycle, she takes a few extra minutes to enjoy her breakfast. Comfortably installed in bed, she takes advantage of the “# positive vibes » and crosses his legs with those of the man of his life. Life is beautiful in his company!

Proud of his tribe

But that’s not all. The Sundays of Jean-Luc Reichmann and Nathalie Lecoultre are not easy. Indeed, they each had children on their side. On the side of the host of Les 12 coups de midi, there is the magnificent Rosalie and the discreet Swann. At Madame, we prefer shorter names that start with an L. All Objeko has to do is remember Leo, Lou and Lola. Oh how we would like to be a little mouse to attend the lively discussions at the table. Stars in them, Zette’s accomplice said he couldn’t breathe without them.They feed us daily with what they experience at school, at university or even at work, because the big one works“. Hope it lasts !

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