Jean-Jacques Goldman

Jean-Jacques Goldman married to Nathalie, 30 years younger than him: what you need to know about his mysterious wife!

It was last Saturday that the television channel W9 broadcast a musical documentary on celebrities. It is therefore natural that Jean-Jacques Goldman was quoted in the program The 20 favorite duos of the French. So here is a good opportunity to talk a bit about Jean-Jacques Goldman but above all about his sentimental way. Indeed, his young wife Nathalie knows how to be very discreet. So much so that we don’t know much about her. We tell you what we know here.

Jean-Jacques Goldman and love

In the musical documentary of W9 The 20 favorite duos of the French that the career of Jean-Jacques Goldman was honored. Indeed, he is remembered his duet with Michael Jones as well as the rest of his career. But Jean-Jacques Goldman, in addition to succeeding in his professional life, seems to be doing very well on the sentimental side as well.

This year is the twenty-first year of marriage between his wife Nathalie and him. They indeed said “yes” to each other in 2001. We know that his wife, whose full name is Nathalie Thu Hong-Lagier, has a quarantine and is of Vietnamese descent. Together they had the chance tohave three beautiful children. On the other hand, no boy is to be declared in the lot. Their youngest daughter is 15 and is named Rose, while the oldest is 18 this year and answers to the name of Maya. Their middle daughter turned 17 this year and is named Kimi. But these three sisters actually have other half-siblings.

Indeed, before finding love with Nathalie, Jean-Jacques Goldman had another relationship. From this past relationship with Catherine Morlet, the singer was already the father of three children. In all, therefore, it is six times father.

The encounter

It was in the 90s that Nathalie met what would later be the father of her children. She knew him then as a singer already on the side and she was just a fan. Indeed, at that time Jean-Jacques Goldman had many titles which were already hits. Among them, I give you, Over there, Fly me away, Since you are leaving or else A sign will suffice. The young fan had therefore waited for the end of the concert to sneak backstage. What she succeeded in doing and was thus able to go knock on the lodge of the artist.

Quickly a friendship seems to be established between this singer and star and what was still only a young math student. Subsequently this friendship turns into a deep and sincere love. It is therefore at the beginning of 2000s that the couple unites officially. They therefore leave together to settle in Marseille. Where his wife is from. It is thus already married that his wife passed her aggregation in mathematics in 2003 and then her doctorate in 2007. His wife is therefore PhD in mathematics and professor.

Once their daughters were born, they decided together to move to London. It is therefore in a place far from prying eyes that Jean-Jacques Goldman has chosen to live. It is therefore in the most great discretion that the small family lives its peaceful life. This does not prevent a return to France later. But only time will tell.

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