"J'attends encore trois joueurs" explique Christophe Galtier

“J’attends encore trois joueurs” explique Christophe Galtier



This is the end of this press conference

And it changes from those of Pochettino. We therefore learned that Renato Sanches would be in Paris this Thursday afternoon and that PSG still hoped to recruit three players. Galtier probably has the profiles in mind, but he did not define them clearly during this press conference. Next match Saturday evening 9 p.m. in Clermont.


Galtier is still waiting for three players

You asked me how much, I answer you three, after, I know the difficulty of the transfer window. and we’re not here to stack players. I want a certain number of players in my squad and players who are close in terms of level to have healthy competition. Whether these three players will arrive soon, later or not at all, I don’t know. But I know that the club is doing everything to have the best squad.”


South Sergio Ramos

“Automatically, he is part of the locker room executives and it happened to me in different clubs to have executives who did not play, but I always rely on this profile of players with an extraordinary career, and what they must bring in terms of professionalism to each other and what they can bring me through their experience that I did not have and that I did not have After Sergio is good, he did not miss any training session.”


“I am not and I do not want to be the ambassador of French coaches”

“There is always a side not of excitement, but a real desire to enter the competition. When Paris-St Germain travel, it is often the match of the season for the home team and there has this desire to live all this. What my colleagues say, it’s a pleasure. I make sure to be very supportive with my colleagues, we have a very difficult job. But I am not and I do not want to be the “ambassador of French coaches. I am the coach of Paris Saint-Germain. I am the coach of an extraordinary team, of a hyper-exposed club, a big club. I am happy to receive the marks of support from all the world, but it has to stop there. When I go play against them, they’re going to want to beat me.”


Turnover ?

“There will always be competition, the performance of the player will always be put forward but we will have to arrange playing times so that everyone is efficient and that we lose as few players as possible by November 13. For after the World Cup, we will see, there will also be a winter transfer window.


“Renato Sanches is expected this afternoon”

Galtier confirms the arrival of Sanches. “He’s a player who has qualities that others don’t have, notably MArco Verratti and Vitinha, he’s very explosive, hard-hitting, with impact. there was this opportunity there on the market: he knows both the French championship and the very high level. he will have to integrate. He will be behind on the preparation but he is totally different in terms of explosiveness, breaking lines and also catching up on defensive shots .”


On the return of Kylian Mbappé and the trio with Neymar and Messi. What’s the key?

It’s a pleasure to get Kylian back for this first league match. He is very happy to be back in competition. Concerning the famous balance, it is first of all a collective desire but also an individual responsibility. There are very closed periods when the team has not yet gained the upper hand over the opponent, we must be very careful not to give the opponent opportunities to make us run. When you have a partner who makes an effort, obviously it’s contagious and it makes the person next to you want to make the same effort. Afterwards there may be times in the match where we find ourselves with attackers, pistons who are struggling to come back and we must accept that sometimes we will have to save time so that those who have been eliminated can get back into the game. team block.”


Here is Galtier in front of the media, and we immediately talk about the game system

“You can get the feeling when you say you’re playing 3 or 5 that it’s a defensive system, but I think it’s the opposite and it’s a system that can lead us to have a lot of world in an offensive position. This system allows you to attack in numbers and must give the right balance to avoid these transitions.”


Satisfecit on the champions trophy

“We attacked together and we defended together. We conceded few chances except one at six meters and to be honest, that’s what we worked on this morning, we can’t let chances too easy on opponents.”


Galtier faces the club media

“Yes, we are physically good. The Champions Trophy was a good performance, which allows us to pick up the pace. We prepared well, we had no muscular incidents, everyone was able to work well .”


A few minutes late

It remains to be hoped now that Galtier will be a little more talkative and open than Mauricio Pochettino whose confs were quite painful to follow.


The dot market

Here is where we are with the news and rumors on this Thursday noon: Renato Sanches will arrive, it is about to be formalized. Another midfielder could follow, it was the most failing sector last season, especially physically.

Wijnaldum is flying to Roma where he is expected to join Roma on loan.


Hello and welcome to all

First conference of the Ligue 1 season for Christophe Galtier, two days before the first match of the 2022/23 season, in Clermont on Saturday evening at 9 p.m. The atmosphere is for the moment in good shape in Paris after a convincing victory at the Champions Trophy last Sunday. The opportunity to take stock of the transfer window movements to expect and the recovery of the players who arrived the latest, in particular Kylian Mbappé. Start of the conference at 1 p.m. to follow live with commentary on RMC Sport.

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