"It's the best movie of all time": Quentin Tarantino reveals the title of the perfect movie - Actus Ciné

“It’s the best movie of all time”: Quentin Tarantino reveals the title of the perfect movie – Actus Ciné

Never stingy with revelations about cinema, Quentin Tarantino revealed what he thought was the best film of all time. But you will see that the question is more complex for him than it seems.

Quentin Tarantino has revealed what was the best blockbuster ever made. At least according to the terminology he applies to the world of cinema.

Indeed, it is essential to note that in the original version, Tarantino distinguishes “films” from what he calls “movies”. For him, films are masterpieces of cinema, films refer to blockbusters and blockbusters.

Armed with this information, here are the comments he made to Movie Slash :

I think Jaws is the best movie ever made. It may not be the greatest movie, but it is the best movie.

He pursues : “Only a few movies have come close to its feat. But in terms of blockbusters, none surpasses it. It’s the best movie ever made. And it shows how misplaced most movies before it were. [dans le calendrier des sorties].”

In summary, Jaws is for Tarantino the best “movie” ever made. Which does not make it the greatest cinematographic work. The mention of the release schedule is a reminder that before Jaws, feature films with potential for large audiences were not necessarily all strategically placed.

From the unprecedented success of Jaws, released on June 20, 1975 in the United States, the studios understand that the summer window is conducive to releasing feature films wishing to reach a wide audience. The wave of summer blockbusters was born.

The director of Reservoir Dogs concludes more generally, about Steven Spielberg and his relationship to “movies”, to keep his terminology:

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“What I mean by that (…) is that Spielberg and a lot of his cronies grew up seeing movies in the cinema. [À l’époque]they were commissions from studio directors who did their best, which is the opposite of Spielberg, who was like ‘me, these are exactly the kinds of movies I like’. It was to make this kind of movie that he was put on this Earth. And he’s going to do them until his last breath, as efficiently as possible.”

Even if he made a specialty of it by signing several jewels of the genre, Spielberg obviously did not confine himself to superproductions, since we also owe him dramas like Schindler’s List or The Color Purple and his next film , The Fabelmans, partially inspired by his life, will also fall into this category.

As for Tarantino, if he participated in competing with the wave of “spielbergian” blockbusters of the 80s by offering independent cinema to the general public, his next project, which will be his last, is still unknown. In the meantime, you can catch up or rewatch Django Unchained on Netflix or Inglourious Basterds on Prime Video:

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