the Google watch would have a rickety autonomy compared to the Samsung models

its leaked price, the watch would attack the Apple Watch


According to a source close to the matter quoted by 9to5Google, the Google Pixel Watch in LTE version should tickle the 400 dollar mark.

Google Pixel Watch
Pixel Watch, Google’s first connected watch // Source: Google

Expected this fall alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Google’s very first connected watch, also known as the Pixel Watch, no longer has many secrets to reveal. Indeed, the list of leaks and other discretions has grown considerably over the past few months.

The latest is to the credit of 9to5Google – which cites a source familiar with the matter – and relates more specifically to the price of the tocante. In its so-called LTE version, the Pixel Watch could be snapped up at a price of $399 in the United States. Be careful not to copy the price in euros as it is, since it should evolve due to the various taxes.

A confirmed trend

Nevertheless, it would give us an overall idea of ​​its tariff positioning. In addition, another more affordable version could also be in the game. Recently, a certification from the US FCC referred to three devices, which could be entitled to various types of connectivity.

Google Pixel Watch
The Google Pixel Watch // Source: Google

In this case, a Wi-Fi version could very well integrate the catalog for more modest purses, and therefore at a price below 399 dollars. Although, for the moment, no information on this subject has been confirmed by Google. In all cases, this tariff range is similar to that mentioned by the leak Yogesh Brar in April 2022 – between $300 and $400, according to him.

This Pixel Watch would then position itself between certain products from Samsung and Apple. Across the Atlantic, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, for example, is sold for $449 or $499 in its classic and cellular version, respectively, while the Galaxy Watch 5 reaches $279 and $329, again in the aforementioned configurations for the 40mm model.

An LTE version above 400 euros

The Apple Watch Series 7 starts directly at $399… but in its Bluetooth/Wi-Fi version. For comparison, in France, this watch is available at a minimum price of 429 euros (529 euros in cellular), against 469 euros for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (519 euros in cellular) and 299 euros for the Galaxy Watch 5 40 mm (349 euros by cell phone). Also remember that the next connected watches from Apple, the Apple Watch Series 8, SE and Pro are expected for September 7, potentially at a higher price than the current Apple Watch Series 7.

We can therefore expect a price in euros more or less similar to that of the Apple Watch Series 7 (Bluetooth Wi-Fi version), i.e. between 419 and 429 euros, with a slight margin of error of 10 or 20 euros approx. Which would place it, in any case, in the category of high-end connected watches.

Pixel Watch: the Google watch would have a rickety autonomy compared to Samsung models

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