"It gets me drunk": Thomas Pesquet is annoyed by conspirators who doubt that we have walked on the Moon

“It gets me drunk”: Thomas Pesquet is annoyed by conspirators who doubt that we have walked on the Moon

The words of Thomas Pesquet, during a television interview about lunar exploration, were hijacked by conspirators. The French astronaut, so imperturbable usually, was annoyed with the situation on Twitter.

It pisses me off writing all this. It shouldn’t and I should be more patient, but it’s infuriating. One could almost believe that it is a false account when reading these words, but no: these are indeed the writings of Thomas Pesquet, that the French astronaut posted on his Twitter account August 31, 2022. The engineer was sorry to see, once again, conspirators claim that humans would never have walked on the Moon.

But what happened to anger the astronaut, known for his calm and imperturbable temperament? It all started with the France 2 television news, broadcast on Sunday August 28, 2022 at 8 p.m. A subject was devoted to the launch of the Artemis I mission, initially scheduled for the next day. Thomas lends himself to the game of the interview, from the Cape Canaveral launch base, in Florida, where he came to experience this historic event. He is enthusiastic about the imminent mission of NASA, directed to the Moon.

apollo 11 no moon
Yes, mankind has walked on the moon. // Source: Flickr/CC/Kevin Gill (cropped photo)

“It pains me”: the conspirators annoyed Thomas Pesquet

Unfortunately, his words are quickly picked up and twisted online. Some videos, posted on August 31, 2022 on Twitter, are downright montages: the astronaut’s sentences are truncated and reorganized, so as to give the impression that Thomas Pesquet himself doubts that humanity has really been on the Moon, when this is obviously not the case. Some internet users attract attention on the fact that it is disinformation, but the damage is done: this conspiratorial content has gone viral. So much so that Thomas Pesquet himself is angry.

But why do we have to waste precious time on this again: of course yes, the human went to the Moon during the Apollo missions. And we’re going back “, he writes to begin yarn long yarnposted around 4 p.m. In a following tweet, he adds: it pains me, after all I’ve done for 10 years, my two missions, the thousands of extra hours of work to share them and explain science and technology, to have to make this tweet today. »

The astronaut, visibly very annoyed, nevertheless ended on a more positive note: ” We’re going to go back to spending all of our time and energy making things like the ISS and Artemis happen, because it’s good for humanity. No offense to some. “Thomas Pesquet gives us” see you on the moon in a few years “.

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