Iris Mittenaere

Iris Mittenaere: mini combi and low-cut, the former Miss France bewitches fans with her body!

Once again, Iris Mittenaere played the bombs on Instagram! Which is normal, because she is. By promoting jewelry, the young woman displayed herself in an outfit revealing her dream figure. Its subscribers can only admire the result.

Iris Mittenaere, a beautiful influencer

In 2016, the life of Iris Mittenaere changed completely. That year, the beautiful brunette won the crown of Miss France and carried the title for almost a year. Shortly after, Iris also becomes Miss Universe. A victory that came 63 years after France won this prestigious beauty contest.

Since then, the former beauty queen has become a real celebrity in real life and social networks. While she is already working as a host, the beautiful brunette has used her new notoriety to become an influencer. What’s more, Iris Mittenaere is very active on her Instagram account.

She also does not hesitate to interact with her fans by launching in particular his “gossip evenings” in his story. In this format, the young woman shares situations in which her subscribers have been.

Otherwise, Iris Mittenaere also promises the products of a few brands that she uses. Recently these are APM Monaco jewels that the former Miss France had presented to her fans. To promote these earrings, rings or even necklaces, Iris released a magnificent outfit.

Indeed, in her publication, the young woman appeared in a superb yellow playsuit pale satin. A lingerie effect outfit that revealed his back. We only have one word: MAGNIFICENT!

His recent rant

If Iris Mittenaere receives compliments on each of her photos, the star is not immune to criticism either. Moreover, on June 27, 2022, the former beauty queen published a message from a detractor. The latter said:

“More and more thin, less and less in shape”.

So it didn’t take long for the influencer react to this attack. Indeed, in her Instagram story, the companion of Diego El Glaoui gave a rant.

“You have a real problem”, she first launched.

She then asserts receive feedback every time she posts pictures of herself in a bathing suit or beachwear. Most often, she says, it’s either about losing weight or putting on a few pounds.

Tired of receiving this kind of comments, Iris Mittenaere has clearly said that she “doesn’t care” about all these remarks.

“The Old Demons” by Iris Mittenaere

Continuing her speech, Iris Mittenaere made a point of specifying that her body is left alone. As a result, she says, “how” her physique develops is up to her and no one else.

“And believe me, it has not finished evolving,” she added, warning her detractors.

If Iris Mittenaere took the time to respond to this hateful message, it’s because she didn’t always trust in her.

Indeed, as incredible as it may seem, the bombshell that she is revealed to have suffered a lot. Suffering “to be the skeleton of abuse”. Fortunately for her, the pretty brunette was able to fight this malaise over time.

So today, the young woman completely assumes his body and wants everyone to know.

“You won’t be waking up the old demons of my teenage years with your comments,” she said.

To conclude her rant, Iris Mittenaere advised her detractors toto be “softer” towards themselves and other people. As for her subscribers, Iris insisted on never letting them be affected by “these opinions that are useless”. A little advice that his loyal fans have surely noted.

Despite these attacks on her, Iris Mittenaere can always count on its virtual community to support her. Especially since the compliments that his fans leave surely warm his heart.

In addition, the young woman can also count on the support of her darling, Diego El Glaoui. This last love him with all his being and stay with her. And this, whether or not she gains weight!

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