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Influencer marketing is still a subject that is sometimes misunderstood with confusion between the dubious practices of “influencers” from reality TV, and the practices of recognized content creators. We therefore wanted to show in detail what influence is in France, and how digital professionals use this marketing lever. For this, we conducted a survey in partnership with Stellar, a reference platform in the management and analysis of influence campaigns with more than 400 respondents.

Our goal: to draw up a complete panorama of marketing influence, its objectives, channels, budgets, formats… First part of our survey.

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A mission rather than a profession

Influencer marketing is more often a job than a job. For 87% of respondents, influencing is indeed part of their missions. Only 13% of respondents say that influence represents all of their missions.


We also notice that influence is a subject even for those who do not yet do so. Among respondents surveyed who do not influence, 42% plan to do so in the future.

Agencies as well represented as advertisers

We also wanted to know who does influence marketing in France, and in what type of company the professionals work. Advertisers are represented as much as agencies. 43.5% of respondents work for the advertiser, 43% in an agency, and 13.5% as a freelancer.

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Going into detail, it is interesting to note that influence is not necessarily a mission managed by specialized agencies. 13.5% of respondents work in a digital or social media agency, 13% in a general communication agency, 8.5% in an agency specializing in influence, 4% in a PR agency and 2.5% in a governed or media. Only 1.5% of respondents are influencer agents.

These figures show that influence is now part of the marketing levers of all agencies. It is a channel that is becoming more and more commonplace and is becoming the norm in marketing plans.

Number of campaigns launched and sectors concerned

Between 1 and 5 campaigns

We then looked at the number of campaigns launched in 2022, in order to find out if influence was an anecdotal lever, or if it represented a strong axis of marketing actions. The majority of respondents (60%) launch between 1 and 5 campaigns per year. 22.5% of professionals launch between 5 and 10 campaigns, 1.5% between 10 and 15 campaigns. They are still 16% to launch more than 15 campaigns.

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In detail, there are obviously fairly strong disparities between advertisers and agencies: 27.5% of agency respondents launched more than 15 campaigns, compared to only 14% among professionals working for the advertiser.

Sectors concerned

We are also interested in the sectors concerned. And we were surprised by the diversity of responses, and the strong representation of sectors that we didn’t necessarily imagine would use influencer marketing as much. We therefore asked agency professionals for which sectors they are launching campaigns in 2022, and advertisers in which sector they operate.

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On the agency side, the sectors most affected are:

  • Culture, sport, leisure and entertainment: for 37.5% of respondents
  • Food: 27%
  • Furniture, decoration and appliances: 25%
  • Hygiene and beauty: 25%
  • Transport, tourism and travel: 25%
  • Trade and distribution: 23%
  • Health and well-being: 22%
  • Hotels and restaurants: 20%
  • Fashion and ready-to-wear: 19%
  • Business services: 17%

And the most influential advertisers are:

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  • Trade and distribution: 20% of respondents
  • Food: 9%
  • Furniture, decoration and appliances: 9%
  • Automotive: 7%
  • Hygiene and beauty: 7%
  • Bank and insurance: 6%
  • Business Services: 6%
  • Transport, tourism and travel: 5%
  • Culture, sport, leisure and entertainment: 4.5%
  • Fashion and ready-to-wear: 4%

A main objective of notoriety

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An essential point to address is of course the objective of the influence campaigns launched by communication and marketing professionals. Without too many surprises, it is above all an objective of notoriety that is cited (37.5%), then of image or positioning of the brand (22.5%). Conversion is only the 3rd objective cited (18% of respondents), followed by conveying the values ​​and commitments of the brand (11.5%). The gain of subscribers comes last, and is a main objective for only 9% of respondents.

Growing budgets

It’s hard to talk about marketing campaigns without talking about money and budgets invested! We therefore asked agencies and advertisers the amount of budgets allocated in 2022 for their influencer marketing actions, and whether these budgets are up, stable, or down compared to 2021.

Among agencies, the budget is down for only 4.5% of respondents! It is generally stable (49%) or increasing (46.5%). Among advertisers, the trend is identical with budgets up for 59% of respondents, stable for 34% and down for 7%.

In terms of allocated budgets, 8.5% of advertiser respondents spend more than 100,000 euros on their influence operations, only 3% of agencies have an average budget of more than 100,000 euros for their clients.

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Download the full study

Methodology: survey conducted online by BDM, from August 30 to September 30
2022, with 401 influencer professionals.

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