Internet users disappointed by Arnaud Ducret in all his states on TF1

Internet users disappointed by Arnaud Ducret in all his states on TF1


Apart from the young generation of comedians and Audrey Fleurot, who have been favored by Internet users, the show Arnaud Ducret in all its forms is far from having unanimous support on social networks this Tuesday, August 16. Broadcast in prime time, the entertainment gave carte blanche to the actor, who invited many personalities to join him to participate in the program. Michaël Youn, Élodie Poux, Cartman, Jeff Panacloc, Fauve Hautot, Élie Semoun, Tom Villa, Nikos Aliagas or even Arthur were there.

But if many Internet users on Twitter claimed to appreciate Arnaud Ducret, most were not convinced by this evening supposed to be placed under the sign of laughter (see the selection of tweets at the end of the article, editor’s note). “Too vulgar!! Not a reply without vulgarity!! And it’s not funny!! It’s a shame because I really like Arnaud Ducret as an actor!!“, lamented one viewer. ” Too bad for a program broadcast at prime time and during school holidays, ” added another, also finding the content too vulgar. “Arnaud Ducret and Michaël Youn are two excellent actors, however this humor has aged very badly“, believes a third. “It’s really uncomfortable TV. Straight old guy humor with sexual innuendo every 30 seconds we’re tired“, tweeted another Internet user. Will the public’s disappointment be felt in the audience results?

Hugo Mallais

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