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A channel sometimes overlooked by marketing and communication professionals, the handwritten card can be an excellent way to reach customers and prospects. Contrary to the practices of “mass mailing” which invade mailboxes with standardized texts, they make it possible to send personalized messages on handwritten cards written “by hand” (by robots) in ink and pen.

Specialist in this format, Manuscry allows you to create personalized handwritten cards in a few minutes in order to work on the attachment to your brand, the retention of customers, but also to generate new leads.

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Create a handwritten card campaign in minutes

Manuscry makes it very easy to create personalized card campaigns written in pen thanks to an editor. You can customize the text of the card, which will then be written in pen by robots. The writing style and the design are obviously customizable according to your desires, or your brand universe. Custom fields with type variables [prénom] allow you to automate the personalization of all your cards. For example, you can import a file of customers, and have each of them write a unique card.



The customization possibilities are numerous: type of “pen” used and size of the writing, type of paper, type of envelope, signature, integration of a header, an illustration, a background… Another very interesting: integrate a personalized QR Code into your cards in order to integrate tracked URLs into your communications.


This unique QR code allows you to have a view of the performance of your shipments. This feature is in fact associated with numerous tracking options that can be configured from the campaign creation interface. This QR code can, for example, redirect to a personalized presentation for each recipient with animations and call to action.

Reach prospects and customers differently

The handwritten card is an original and differentiating way to address your contacts and prospects. Each card is indeed unique thanks to the imperfections of human writing. All of the writing styles are created from real people’s handwriting, not typos, and so are very close to a “real” card.

Manuscry goes much further than just a service for writing handwritten cards to send to your contacts. The tool is designed to integrate into complex marketing campaigns, and to reach leads that you don’t reach through traditional channels. Manuscry offers the possibility of sending cards to your contacts already in the base, but also of building up a base of qualified leads. For example, you can connect your e-commerce (Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, etc.) or your CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.) and set up automatic shipments according to different actions. For example, you can send a card one week after an order of more than €100, or wish your customers’ birthdays automatically.

Unlike mass mailing practices, Manuscry relies on the quality of contacts rather than quantity. Here again, this strategy, which goes against current mass mailing techniques, makes it possible to ensure exchanges that really generate value and conversion. Rather than massive campaigns, whether by email, display, DOOH, etc., Manuscry’s desire is to offer targeted mailings, to the right people, and with the right message.

The opening rates announced by Manuscry clearly show the interest of this channel: 99% of mailings are opened by recipients, and the announced ROI of a handwritten card campaign is between x10 and x40. . Much higher efficiency than email.

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Implement multi-channel strategies

While the handwritten card is a particularly effective channel for reaching out to your contacts, to maximize its impact, it’s important to incorporate it into marketing scenarios and outreach through other channels. Here are some examples of channels that can be connected to Manuscry, via existing integrations, or via Zapier and the API:

  • E-mail : send personalized sequences following the sending of the card,
  • LinkedIn: schedule direct messages and invitations following the sending of a card,
  • SMS and WhatsApp: send a message following the sending of the card,
  • Direct responder : leave a voice message after sending,
  • Added to CRM: Automatically qualify leads by connecting your CRM.

Here are some possible scenarios:

  • Sending of a handwritten card with a QR code which redirects to a personalized presentation (with name and logo), then reminder by email 2 days later,
  • Sending a handwritten card with a QR code that redirects to a tracked webinar registration page, then restarts LinkedIn and email 3 days later,
  • Sending of a handwritten card then reminder SMS and direct answering machine at the time of receipt of the card,
  • Sending of a handwritten card with tracked telephone number, then automatic allocation in the CRM.


The possibilities of scenarios are multiple and they can adapt to most of your needs, even for complex B2B prospecting issues. Setting up this type of automation is often tedious, which is why Manuscry offers with its Kleads service, its agency division dedicated to prospecting, to set up personalized strategies tailored to your needs.

All of these mechanisms are very effective for capturing leads, but will also allow you to set up loyalty strategies: automated sending of a card on birthdays, sending of greetings, sending of reductions or promotions, thank you after a purchase above a defined amount…

Accessible prices

Very well designed, Manuscry offers a flexible offer in terms of customization options, type of writing, format, and possibilities of integration into strategies of all kinds. From then on, the handwritten card easily integrates into your marketing strategies already in place, and becomes one more channel to exploit to generate leads or retain your customers.

We particularly appreciate the quality of the editor, which allows you to create personalized maps in a few minutes, and Manuscry takes care of the rest. Prices start at €1.50 per card, including media (card backgrounds), pen writing, postage and shipping. These prices change according to the options chosen, and degressive offers are of course proposed.

You can try the Manuscry editor for free by visiting the site. Registration does not require a credit card, and you can create your first campaigns in minutes.

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