In Luxembourg: Refueling costs them an arm so they take their feet off the wheel

In Luxembourg: Refueling costs them an arm so they take their feet off the wheel


In LuxembourgFilling up costs them an arm so they take their feet off the wheel

DIFFERDANGE – Faced with rising fuel prices, many are already trying eco-driving.

The essential

“When I started in Luxembourg two years ago a full tank cost me 40 euros and now I’m at 112 euros. It forces you to change your way of driving. Now on the highway I do 90-95 maximum. I am even overtaken by trucks.

Like Vincent, who travels Metz-Sanem every day, many have adopted eco-driving in the face of rising fuel prices. And it pays, the Messin who had a “fast driving”, estimates to have fallen from 7 l to 5.5 l per 100 km. “Before I filled up every week and now every week and a half”.

“Fortunately we have a second electric car. We take the diesel one only for the longest routes. I managed to get down from 7.3l to 6l. We always try to make a challenge, to save more, says Kim de Sanem who has tips. “Already don’t go too fast, use the cruise control and look ahead. I also check the tires more often.

The essential

“I optimize my journeys”

Michel, a Belgian border worker, also drives differently. “I gained between 1l and 1.5l in the 100, simply by opting for a cooler driving style, by anticipating gear changes more, arriving at intersections, respecting speed limits, he says. . And I don’t think I’ll take any longer on my trips.”

Céline, French from Aumetz goes further. “I try to optimize and do several tasks at the same time. I will go shopping and see my family at the same time, rather than doing two trips”. But some find it harder to save. They evoke the problem of traffic jams or urgency. “I drive a lot for work and we don’t have time to think. Otherwise, it’s better to change vehicles because it’s a bit difficult to change like that, ”says Rolando.

“We cycle more”

“In the car there is an economy option but it’s blah. It doesn’t go down very much”, note Cyril and Gwendoline who have even thought about the option of ethanol authorized in France. Lena comes from Germany and takes an hour to go to work in Esch. “I use the regulator, but I can’t do much more”.

And many of them see further and now prefer public transport or soft mobility. “We slow down a bit but especially on weekends we try to drive less. We cycle more,” concludes Ivo from Differdange.

  • Load your car wisely: if possible, load your items in the trunk and if you have to load on the roof, use a roof box.

  • Favor deceleration phases: contrary to popular belief, you will not save fuel by driving in neutral. On the contrary, gear engaged and foot off the accelerator cut the injection and therefore consumption.

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