"I'm burned on my left arm"

“I’m burned on my left arm”


Inès Reg uses long sleeves to hide a burn on her arm. (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)


Still competing in the celebrity season of “Beijing Express”, Inès Reg faces the competition alongside her sister in a good mood. But viewers couldn’t help but notice a detail: the comedian often wears long sleeves. And she has a very good reason for that.

Inès Reg became known to the general public thanks to her video “The calculations are not good, Kévin”, in 2020. Since then, the young actress has made a name for herself on stage, but has also participated in several projects, such as as the film “I want you, me neither”, or the series “Access”. But for the past few weeks, it has been far from her comfort zone that we find her. She is one of the shock duos chosen to participate in the celebrity edition of “Beijing Express”, where she preferred to play alongside her sister, rather than with her husband Kevin.

Video. Inès Reg unleashed in Beijing Express: how Aya Nakamura found herself in her adventure

Good humor to hide a complex

Funny and sympathetic, the comedian quickly won over viewers, and his complicity with his sister made their duo one of the most popular at the start of the adventure. Always in a good mood even in the competition, the two young women do not hesitate to laugh and sing with the people they meet. But the most attentive viewers have noticed a small detail in Inès Reg’s choice of outfits: she almost always wears T-shirts that cover her arms. And this, in spite of the heat which reigns in the countries which it crosses.

It is not a question of modesty, but a habit taken by the young woman for many years now, and which she had explained to the antenna of Europe 1 in 2021, at the time of the release of the film. “I want you, me neither”. Curious, Philippe Vandel noted: “You have a swimsuit that always has a shirt over it. You’re not in a swimsuit like the others, I noticed that!” To which the main interested party replied: “Bravo! I’m burned on my left arm, that’s why there’s always a shirt on my arms.”

She has long been the victim of harassment

If Inès Reg prefers to wear long sleeves, it is so as not to have to suffer the gaze of others on her burn. It must be said that the comedian is unfortunately used to mockery and inappropriate comments. From the height of her 1.50m, the young woman was much mocked, as she told Le Parisien: “They called me the dwarf, they gave me Mimie Mathy 24 hours a day, they put things in my height so that I couldn’t catch them, it was very difficult to live with.”

Subsequently, it was its weight that earned it a lot of criticism. “For the new generation, what is even harder is that they also have to manage social networks”, she underlines. “Me, I was lucky enough to live my youth without Facebook, without Instagram… When I see the state in which certain comments from haters put me, while I have a step back, I imagine what it must be like when you are in the process of building yourself…” But today, Inès Reg is well in her skin, happy, and she is enjoying phenomenal success Enough to silence all the gossip.

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