Igor Tudor « très dur » avec un joueur en particulier?

Igor Tudor « très dur » avec un joueur en particulier?

Olympique de Marseille have taken over Igor Tudor as coach… The Croatian coach is clearly not unanimous in the Marseille locker room.

L’Equipe published a new article on Wednesday on the delicate situation between the players of Olympique de Marseille and coach Igor Tudor. According to information from the French sports daily, the coach has many players on whom he does not count but who had a high status last season.

Ünder targeted by Igor Tudor?

Starting with Ünder who started under the orders of Sampaoli without counting his injury which kept him away from the field for a few weeks. L’Equipe explains that the Croatian had “very harsh” words towards the Turkish international.

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The former AS Roma player’s preparation matches did not convince him. To see if he will have a place in his starting lineup… In the Tudor system, it is difficult to imagine a position for Ünder. During the internship in England, he was moved to several positions including left piston but it was not a great success.

I’m not surprised at the friction he has with the OM players. It does not work with players who have character

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“His first speech we immediately knew that we were going to suffer. I remember, he said to us: ‘I like Guardiola, but I prefer Diego Simeone, I want a team that whips and swallows the miles.’ He had noticed by watching some of our matches that we were not running not enough, and that we were going to start doing it because the one who was not ready was going to leave his group. He told us that we were going to suffer so much that we would not see anything but the training center and our bed, and that’s what happened, we were rinsed when we got home . And then he swore only by 3-5-2 when we didn’t have the players for it. We tried to tell him but it didn’t change anything. (…) “We took our heads a bit. In a three-man defense, he positioned me on the right side. I had the feeling of finding myself in the position of a side. I did not feel comfortable in this position. (…) We separated on a false note. He’s really the only coach with whom I got a little fried. But he opened my eyes to certain things (…) I’m not surprised at the friction he has with the OM players. It does not work with players who have character. Players had already gone to see the president to complain about his methods. I thought that with his experience at Galatasaray he would change, but that’s obviously not the case. » Aurelien Chedjou – Source: The Team

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