Pièce de 2 euros

If you see that on your 2 euro coin, it’s worth 600 euros, find out if you have one!

It may come as a surprise, but a two-euro coin does not necessarily cost two euros. Sometimes it can cost much more. If you are used to always seeing the same coins, the most common, some are rarer. Indeed, some coins were issued only once, with very few copies. Today, their rarity is skyrocketing their market value.

A room with the face of Grace Kelly can pay off big

Grace Kelly may be a great American actress, in Europe she is especially Princess Grace of Monaco. Although Alfred Hitchcock made eyes at her so that she resumes the cinema (by offering her the role of Pas de Printemps pour Marnie), she refuses to leave the rock of Monaco. In effect, this is his new home. She is now considered an emblematic figure of the principality.

To pay homage to him, a special edition of two euro coins is put into circulation. We are in 2007 and it is the face of the princess which sits proudly, in profile, on the front side of the room. On the tails side, we find the European Union, as it was at the time. At the time, only 20,000 copies were published.

In the same year, the pieces are already selling for 120 euros. It must be said that they are very rare. Only 20,000 for 447 million inhabitants. The chances of ending up one day with such a piece are extremely slim.

Grace Kelly coins cost a fortune

Today, these coins are highly sought after by collectors. Indeed, they are ready to pay dearly to have one. It must be said that because of their rarity, the value of coins continues to increase. On Ebay, bidding starts at 2000 euros. It is not uncommon to see pieces sell for several thousand euros. Therefore, it is therefore more than ever so much to look in your wallet and pay attention to the coins you receive when you make change. If you see the face of Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite former actress, then you have several thousand euros in your hands… in the form of a two-piece.

Today it is the rarest and most sought-after two-euro coin. Something to quickly raise the stakes. And for good reason. ” French commemorative 2-euro coins are generally produced in 10 million copies, i.e. 500 times more“, can we read on a specialized site.

The other 2 euro coins that can pay big

This single 2 euro coin is not the only one that can bring you a lot of money. Others, also very rare, are sought after. In effect, one thinks in particular of the German two-euro coins minted in 2008 with an error. The borders of EU countries have not been drawn. Only 30,000 copies are still in circulation. And we now know: the more limited the print run, the more the value increases.

The two Finnish euros, for their part, do not bring in a fortune, but still cost 60 euros. It must be said that there are a million copies, so these are less rare pieces. This coin was made in 2004 to celebrate the enlargement of the European Union to ten new member states.

In addition, collectors are looking for the 2 euro coin put into circulation in 2004 to honor the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Vatican City State. If this piece is sought after, it is because there are only 85,000 copiess. If you have some at home, know that these coins sell for one hundred euros on average. It’s once again less than Grace Kelly, but you’ve been warned. The Grace Kelly coin is the most expensive and rarest of all.

So remember to check your two-euro coins as soon as you have new ones. You are, unknowingly, holding perhaps hundreds of dollars, or even thousands if you are lucky. It would be silly to miss out on a nice fortune, don’t you think?

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