"I thought if I wasn't strong all the time, no woman would love me"

“I thought if I wasn’t strong all the time, no woman would love me”

CANNES, FRANCE - APRIL 06: Jonathan Cohen attends the

Unlike his character in La Flamme and Le Flambeau, Jonathan Cohen is not single. (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

In the series “Le Flambeau”, broadcast this Monday June 6, 2022 on Canal +, Jonathan Cohen embodies Marc, a single and particularly heavy adventurer, convinced that the world revolves around his navel. But in real life, the actor is a man in a relationship and very much in love, but also very modest about his private life.

Playing a ladies’ man on the screen doesn’t mean that you have a string of conquests in your private life, and Jonathan Cohen is proof of that. For two years now, the actor has embodied on Canal + the character of Marc, first candidate for a parody of “Bachelor” in “La Flamme”, and now apprentice adventurer in “Le Flambeau”, the parody of “Koh- Lanta.” He plays a simply unbearable man, who seems to feel that everything is due to him, single and convinced of being the center of all attention. All while always being off the mark and treating everyone with disdain.

Video. Who is Piu Piu, Jonathan Cohen’s girlfriend?

Who is Piu Piu, his companion?

However, in real life, Jonathan Cohen is not at all like Marc. Far from being single, he has shared Piu Piu’s life for several years. Her real name Giulietta Canzani Mora, the young woman is a DJ, and is a committed artist, particularly involved in the feminist struggle. The proof: in 2019, she launched the talent agency Good Sisters, which aims to highlight artists who fight against sexism, and promote equity between women and men. It is also to her and her friend Thaïs Klapish, daughter of director Cédric Klapish, that we owe the feminist collective We Are A Safe Place, a platform that aims to create spaces for free and benevolent exchanges. She hosts the podcast Safe Place, revolving around sexuality, sorority, feminist commitment, social networks, giving voice to inspiring people.

Jonathan Cohen and Piu Piu have been together since 2017, and meeting the young woman was a turning point in the actor’s life: “When I met Piu Piu, I was coming out of a story where there were still these relationships to Prince Charming’s con and Cinderella. I was ready to have a different, closer, more equal, healthier relationship,” he told ELLE magazine.

His rare secrets about their family life

However, Jonathan Cohen seems to have some flaws in his character Marc, as he says himself: “I have not become perfect, he assumes. In a house, for example, I am useless At all. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, DIY, I suck. My only skill is to press the button on the box to restart it. And pretend to yell at my daughter, that too, I get there.” Father of a little girl baptized Gloria, born in 2019, he had mentioned in the columns of Society his desire for paternity: “In reality, it comes at a time in my life when there is room for. I have always I wanted to be a father. I had a lot of stories, but I never got a girl pregnant before. I ended up believing that I was rotten with sperm.” But with Piu Piu, his desire materialized: “A year ago, I got together with my girlfriend, and we immediately knew we wanted a child.”

Now a father, he had mentioned the funny obsession developed since the birth of his daughter, in an interview with the podcast Le Monde: “It’s very funny but when my daughter was born, I had survivalist dreams .I had to have a garden to grow tomatoes to feed her and support her.” As a result, he decided to save money, so as to always be able to provide for his baby’s needs: “It was very funny to see something very instinctive about survival taking place in me”, he concluded.


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