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“I quickly abandoned my fiancée”: this period when Christophe Beaugrand changed tack!

Among the most committed to the fight against homophobia, Christophe Beaugrand has never been ashamed of his orientation. Thus, the host has been in a relationship with Ghislain Gerin for a long time. Recently, the journalist spoke during an interview. The opportunity for him to talk about his youth with his fiancée.

Christophe Beaugrand is happy with his family

Between Christophe Beaugrand and Ghislain Gerin, it has always been great love. In fact, they have been together for 7 years now. And their happiness was further intensified with the arrival of the little valentine who was born on November 9, 2019.

Now the couple lead a happy family life. A great joy that the host did not hesitate to share during an interview with Closer.

According to what Christophe Beaugrand confided, it was with his family that he spent the best summer of his life. As he said: “I had decided to return to my roots… In the Arcachon basin”.

Obviously, for this family trip, the couple did not forget to take their little boy with them. Apparently, the host felt happiness when he saw little Valentin taking his first steps in the sand.

The host was engaged in the past.

Definitely, Christophe Beaugrand and Ghislain Gerin knew how to take advantage of their holidays. So they decided to spend a week in Greece without little Valentin.

After finding the latter, it was in Toulon that they stayed. And that, before concluding with 10 days in Corsica. A beautiful trip for the family of someone who has never hesitated to show his orientation.

Indeed, during his interview with Closer, Christophe Beaugrand had the opportunity to tell his youth. From what he said, there were times when the host was flirting with girls.

Moreover, he lived his first love story barely 15 years old. As he revealed: “Her name was Edmée”. Apparently, one summer, they went with a group of high school friends to a campsite in Vendée.

Christophe Beaugrand: Would he be attracted to Bradley Cooper?

Unfortunately, this relationship did not work out for Christophe Beaugrand. This is surely due to the fact that the host already only had an attraction for men at the time. “We laughed a lot” he says on the subject.

Before explaining that it was at the time that he understood that the girls had little effect on him. Besides, the star you pap also remembered that he preferred to look at the boys rather than his fiancée.

Noting his preference for boys, Christophe Beaugrand decided to abandon his fiancée prematurely. Moreover, despite the time, his pleasure in watching men has not changed for the host.

Indeed, even very much in love with Ghislain, he did not hesitate to talk about his wish during the interview. As he put it, “sharing your towel with bradley cooper“. What he added by “A naturist beach, as long as you can”.

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