how to integrate them into your marketing strategy?

how to integrate them into your marketing strategy?


Social networks are essential tools for getting known, promoting products and reaching new consumers. However, this requires understanding the characteristics of each platform and identifying which one can help us achieve our goals. Today, more and more brands are turning to TikTok. Social media stands out for its young audience and creative features. We show you how to integrate TikTok Ads into your marketing strategy.

How to integrate TikTok ads into your marketing strategy?

In a webmarketing strategy, TikTok ads can be powerful levers. They can help develop its notoriety, expand its audience or even increase its traffic. To achieve this, it is necessary to become familiar with the habits of users, the trends of the social network as well as the functioning of TikTok Ads.

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TikTok, a must-have app for Generation Z

Whether it’s videos covering challenges, showing tutorials or humor, each content posted on TikTok has the potential to go viral. The younger generations regularly share short videos from the social network. 41% of users are between the ages of 16 and 24, making it an ideal platform for brands that want to address Generation Z, but also Millennials.

Creativity and entertainment, which are at the heart of how TikTok works, particularly appeal to them. They can add filters, music or even stickers, transforming social media into a veritable playground for young users. The visual effects are much more numerous than on other social networks.

It should therefore be said that the platform can be an effective marketing lever to target a younger audience, provided that you take up certain codes, and look into the various existing options for advertising TikTok and boosting your marketing strategy.

TikTok Ads: What is it and how does it work?

TikTok Ads is the advertising network of the Chinese social network. It offers a variety of tools to create advertising campaigns including images and videos with textual content and Call-To-Action (CTA). You have to define your objective, create ad groups and choose the right format for your TikTok ads.

Choose the right lens

To be effective and target the right audience, TikTok ads must meet a clear objective. The social network offers three:

  • Taking into accountto ensure that its advertising is broadcast to the greatest number of users;
  • The considerationwhich presents three scenarios:
    – traffic, to increase the number of visitors to its website or to a landing page;
    – installation of applications, to boost downloads;
    – video display, to increase the number of users watching his video.
  • Conversionto inspire prospects to take action.

Create and configure ad groups

Like Google Ads, TikTok’s advertising network works on several levels:

  • Countrisidesrequiring to define its objectives and the formats of the advertisements;
  • Ad groupsto choose its placements, its budget and the target audiences;
  • Adsi.e. the advertisements that have been created.

During this second step, we must define which users we want to reach with our ads. It is possible to let the TikTok algorithm take care of this task, or to do it yourself. In this case, it is necessary to indicate demographic criteria, such as age, geographical location and spoken language, but not only. The social network also offers to target them according to their interests, their behavior on the application as well as the parameters of the device they use. This can for example be the operating system.

Then, you have to indicate the amount you want to spend for each group of TikTok ads. You can choose a daily budget, which will be spent day after day, or a total budget, that is to say the amount that you are ready to allocate throughout the duration of the calendar. It is then necessary to enter the duration of the announcements, and the time slot on which you want to see them broadcast.

We must also determine the speed at which our budget will be spent. There are then two options:

  • standard, so that the amount is distributed evenly throughout the duration of the campaign;
  • maximized, to spend the budget as quickly as possible during the planned period.

Choose the right ad format

On TikTok Ads, there are several advertising formats to achieve different objectives.

Top view

A Top View ad appears the instant a user opens the TikTok app. It can redirect to an internal link, such as another TikTok video, or an external one, such as its website. This format is particularly relevant for attracting the attention of Internet users, increasing traffic to one of its pages or promoting a new product.

Native video in stream

These are native advertisements placed in the user’s newsfeed. Videos can also be redirected to an external link, such as a platform or an application. This format aims to help brands develop their visibility and encourage Internet users to take action, either by buying the article presented, or by learning about the brand.

Branded Hashtag Challenge

These types of TikTok ads encourage users to participate in a brand-initiated challenge using the hashtag created by the brand. Each individual who reuses it sees their video appear on the hashtag-specific page alongside other content. Note that the Branded Hashtag Challenge only lasts six days. To boost your campaign, it may be wise to call on an influencer who can promote the hashtag to their community and highlight the brand.

Brand effects

Like other social platforms, TikTok offers Branded Effects. Specifically, these are filters and stickers that can be used to personalize your TikTok videos. Developing an effect so that users try it out can be a good way to boost your engagement rate.

TikTok Ads: the importance of hashtags

If SEO is essential for a website, hashtags are essential for social networks, regardless of the platform: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or TikTok. They allow brands to get more visibility. They also help users more easily find a challenge they’ve heard about, a specific topic or a buzzing trend.

Well-targeted, hashtags can help extend the reach of a post, and thus reach the right audience. It is therefore essential to research and identify the hashtags of the moment on which you can create relevant content. It may also be wise to design a video related to the challenge of the moment, in order to generate engagement.

It is also recommended to create a hashtag specifically for your brand. This can be a great help to stand out from competitors, but also to find user-generated content that is related to one of its products or services.

In a TikTok advertising campaign, it is best to focus on a main keyword so that people can remember it easily and recognize its brand on the application. To be understandable by all, it must be clear and simple to write.

TikTok Ads: for which sector?

On TikTok, users discuss various themes. This suggests that many industries have the opportunity to incorporate TikTok Ads into their marketing strategy. However, there is a strong interest in the subjects:

  • the fashion ;
  • the sport ;
  • video games ;
  • the music ;
  • toys and games;
  • the movie theater.

For companies using digital advertising as a lever for growth, TikTok is full of marketing opportunities. To enter them properly, we advise you to follow the different steps set out in this article, or to seek advice from our webmarketing agency. It will help you integrate TikTok ads into your social media marketing strategy.

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