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How marketers are exploring new avenues focused on innovation, digital transformation and remote working

The health crisis has been a time of great upheaval in the marketing sector. Marketers have had to overcome many challenges, whether in their work habits or in the way they communicate with their customers.

In its annual “Focus on Marketing” report, the world leader in CRM solutions Salesforce deciphers in detail the priorities of marketing experts as well as the latest dynamics in the sector. By downloading this white paper, you will discover how these professionals are moving away from the “return to normal” by creating new paths focused on innovation, digital transformation and remote working.

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Experts are positive about the evolution of marketing

In a changed world, marketers and businesses in general have had to learn how to operate in a new normal. Although the health situation has sometimes slowed their efforts, it has not stopped them. Indeed, they quickly adapted to changes in the market and were able to take advantage of the prospects offered by this unprecedented context.

66% of professionals even say they expect their company’s turnover to grow over the next 12 to 18 months, the study reveals. Similarly, 77% of them believe that their work brings more value today than a year ago.

“We experimented, learned from our mistakes and kept moving forward. The digital experiences we are able to deliver today are a testament to our dramatic evolution and our focus on the success of our customers and partners,” said Tariq Hassan, CMO of Petco, a company that sells pet products and services. of company.


However, optimism and determination do not translate into complacency, especially in a time of intense transformation such as this. 88% of CMOs say their marketing needs to evolve to be competitive. For most of the experts interviewed, innovation is a key element. It must be adapted to the evolving needs of customers. By downloading the study, you will get the point of view of the expert Guillermo Plasencia, CMO & co-founder of joinmytrip.com, a platform helping to find travel companions.

Going digital intensifies marketing

In this context, the transition to digital is intensifying with, as a guideline, the customer experience. In fact, 80% of customers agree that the quality of the experience a company provides is just as important as its products and services.

However, as customers have shifted to new channels and experiences, their expectations have transformed, to the point that it has sometimes become difficult to meet or even understand them. 72% of marketers say meeting their needs is more complex than a year ago.

Even if we seem to be approaching the end of the health crisis, consumer habits are not changing. Indeed, they are increasingly turning to digital channels. In that sense, they expect their favorite brands to do the same. 69% of them say they should offer new ways to get products and services due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faced with this observation, companies have had to adapt their actions to reach their customers. For this, 90% of marketers have changed their digital engagement strategy since the start of the pandemic. They have multiplied the points of contact towards social networks, digital advertisements and video. By downloading this white paper, you will discover the other mediums on which the companies have bet, as well as the flagship channel of 2021.

Collaboration is the driving force of the market era

Even if telework had already been gradually installed within companies in recent years, the crisis had the effect of a boost in its democratization. In fact, 82% of marketing organizations are adopting new work-from-home policies.


Nevertheless, some marketers remain committed to working in the office. In the United States and Canada, more than a third of them expect to work in a hybrid environment. As you will discover by downloading this white paper, this is opposed to what is expected in the Middle East and Africa.

Even though they are physically separated, marketers are not disconnected from each other. It’s even the opposite, because a majority of them say they feel more connected to their managers and colleagues. In fact, 75% of respondents say the pandemic has permanently changed the way they collaborate and communicate at work. This is particularly thanks to corporate social networks and videoconferencing tools, the use of which is becoming more democratic within teams.

Don’t forget to download the Salesforce report for the full results of this study!

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