how ManoMano innovates on its online platform

how ManoMano innovates on its online platform

Can you introduce ManoMano?

Founded in 2013, ManoMano is Europe’s leading online DIY, home and garden specialist. This specialist DNA gives the brand expertise in the market, products and also B2C and B2B customer expectations (with its ManoManoPro offer). Today, ManoMano brings together more than 4,900 partner merchants, and offers the largest online offer on its market with 16 million referenced products.

An activity that generates a total of 50 million visitors each month, in its 6 markets in Europe: France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. To carry out our projects, we bring together nearly 1,000 talents, in France and Spain.

Unlike Leroy Merlin or Castorama, ManoMano is a pure player. What is the impact on the customer relationship? What are you putting in place to optimize the online customer relationship?

For 9 years, ManoMano has been operating in its market with a unique positioning: that of a pure digital player with strong e-commerce expertise, combined with specialist DNA and in-depth knowledge of its industry.

This positioning offers several advantages, compared to other market players:

  • A diversity of the offer: the platform hosts a considerable number of products (16 million references in Europe), compared to the 60,000 products in physical stores.
  • Easy delivery: ManoMano allows B2C and B2B customers to have their products delivered directly to their homes or to construction sites. A practical advantage, especially for heavy and bulky products.
  • Real-time advice: navigation on the site, the categories as well as the search filters are designed to facilitate the online experience, and thus help customers in their choice, by providing as much technical information as possible. We also offer unique pre-sales advice with the Manodvisors, a community of experts available online to help customers find the product that matches their projects. For building professionals, a team of multi-specialist experts in the sector is present by telephone.
  • Personalization of the online experience: particularly accentuated on the B2B side, ManoMano adapts its products and categories according to the specialty of the professional (electrician, mason, plumber, etc.) and according to his needs, to save him time, on the application as on the web.

The various confinements have upset the French in their daily lives, and many have turned to DIY during this period. How do you anticipate your customers’ needs?

The French are indeed turning more and more towards the layout of their house and their garden. Beyond this ephemeral fashion, it is a real underlying trend that is confirmed year after year, around what is called the “decade of home” (source: Accenture). In this sense, ManoMano meets the growing expectations of consumers, by supporting them in all their projects.

At the same time, the DIY, home and garden market has a strong particularity: seasonality. The French will be rather attentive to their garden in spring and will think about heating once autumn comes. This strong seasonality requires all teams to adapt offers, content, the catalog, whatever the sales or information channels (site, app, social networks, newsletters, etc.). Moreover, a DIY project such as renovating a bathroom or a move cannot be improvised, and ManoMano adapts its offer according to the projects and key moments in the life of its customers.

What types of content have you put in place to meet consumer needs?

The DIY sector is a technical sector. Customers are therefore looking for content to inform themselves but also to inspire them. ManoMano therefore deploys a set of content to inform them as much as possible throughout their journey.

On the one hand through detailed product sheets and numerous buying guides available on the product pages of the site, with content intended for the most novices (“10 Unmissable Lawn Mower Questions”, “how to choose your protective gloves or your drill”…) or more knowledgeable experts (how to drill tile Where “how to choose your chisel drill”…).

To inspire its customers, ManoMano also offers content on its À la Mano blog as well as on social networks.

ManoMano’s blog offers various inspiring content. © ManoMano

What types of innovative experiences are you implementing on your site to stand out?

The Manodvisors community is one of the unique innovations we offer to provide a tailored experience to our customers. For each project, access to expert advice is possible.

Also, ManoMano offers an advanced filtering system, from the most general to the most technical. For example, on a plethoric offer such as that of the outdoor kitchen, ManoMano offers classic filters (barbecue or plancha, gas, electric or wood supply, etc.) but also goes further with specific filtering to help consumers: number of burners for gas products, power of the electrical product, cooking surface materials on the planchas, etc.

Finally, and to ensure the best possible experience, ManoMano offers a logistics service – ManoFulfillment – ​​specific to its market and capable of delivering products ranging from light bulbs to swimming pools in France, Spain and Italy: delivery characteristics , of very different weight and size.

What advice would you give to a company that wants to further “humanize” the digital experience it offers to its customers?

At ManoMano, we always try to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes: what is he looking for and how? How can we provide them with the best experience, without friction, as quickly and as appropriate as possible? The agile DNA specific to pure digital players encourages them to be bold and ingenious, constantly testing new approaches and methods.

You raised $335 million last July. What projects will be carried out or accelerated thanks to this fundraising?

This fundraising allows ManoMano to pursue its European expansion, particularly in Germany and the United Kingdom, the two largest European markets for this industry. These funds also allow us to strengthen the BtoB ManoManoPro offer in Spain and Italy, and to consolidate technological innovations for customers and merchant partners.

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