Comment configurer MetaMask pour utiliser la blockchain Cronos (CRO) ?

How do I configure MetaMask to use the Cronos blockchain (CRO)?


Connect the Cronos blockchain to MetaMask

For those in a hurry who want to add the blockchain coordinates, use the ones below:

  • Network name : Stopwatch
  • New RPC URL :
  • Channel ID : 25
  • Symbol : CRO
  • Explorer :

Introduction to the Cronos Blockchain

Maybe you’re just discovering the Cronos networkrecently arrived in the ecosystem of We will find out together what exactly it is about and how to connect it to your MetaMask wallet.

The Cronos network is a sidechain of the Chain and its particularity lies in its compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which allows developers to import decentralized applications (Dapps) from the Ethereum blockchain (ETH ).

It also allows them to code their smart contracts with the Solidity programming languagewhich is also used on Ethereum, but also on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The project is still in beta phasebut its success is already there since the blockchain already makes it possible to exchange non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and offers various applications of decentralized finance (DeFi) as well as the classic purchase/sale of tokens.

Note that for the moment, Cronos does not yet have its own token. Transaction fees are settled in CRO tokens.

The leading blockchain token is the VVS with the largest total value locked (TVL).

Cronos is in the top 10 in terms of TVL across all blockchains according to DefiLlama.

Prerequisites for connecting your MetaMask wallet to Cronos

If MetaMask is a new word for you or you have never used it before, we advise you to read this tutorial first to familiarize yourself with the wallet.

Concretely, MetaMask will allow us to store our funds and interact with the Cronos ecosystem (and those of other blockchains too, for that matter).

⚠️ Cronos is the Sidechain-enabled EVM of the blockchain. All of the projects are supervised by, which is also a blockchain in its own right, and which also serves as a purchasing platform for the various cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem. All these elements look alike and come together, too, Do not be mistaken !

The MetaMask digital wallet is available on mobile (iOS/Android), but it also works as browser extension. As such, you can find it for download on Google Chrome and Brave, as well as Mozilla Firefox.

The extension will thus allow you to directly link your wallet to certain sites and decentralized applications (Dapps). It will also allow you to see in detail all your transactions and to see how much they charge.

Configure MetaMask for the Cronos blockchain

Auto Setup

To connect your MetaMask wallet to the Cronos network in a simple and fast way, you can go to the Chainlist site.

You just need to search there for the network “ Cronos Mainnet Beta » and click on « Connect Wallet “.

Your MetaMask wallet will open and ask you for permission to perform the action. Just validate.

Manual setup

Go to the previously installed MetaMask extension and log in. Note that by default you only see the Ethereum network, you must therefore manually add the Cronos network.

add network metamask


In the window that appears, fill in the fields with the following information:

  • Network name : Stopwatch
  • New RPC URL :
  • Channel ID : 25
  • Currency : CRO
  • Block Explorer URL :

This should give you the following table:

Add MetaMask timestamps

Then click on ” To register “. Voila, your MetaMask wallet is now connected to the Cronos blockchain!

Buy and transfer cryptocurrencies

We will now see how buy tokens and how to transfer them on your MetaMask wallet.

As we told you above, Cronos does not have its own token, so we will take the example of the VVS.

As this is only available for purchase on, you will have to download the mobile application from the App Store or Google Play.

In order to support us, you can use our link below to register with This link will also give you a welcome offer on the platform.

After registering on the app, click the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Home cryptocom menu

Then click on ” To buy ” at the bottom of the screen.

In the list that appears, type ” VVS “.

Cryptocom VVS List

Add a credit card for payment and choose the amount of VVS you wish to purchase.

final VVS purchase

Once VVS received on your account, return to the main menu and select “ Crypto Wallet “.

cryptocom wallet

In the list that appears, select the VVS and select ” To transfer ” then ” Remove “.

Transfer plumbing

Then select ” External Wallet “.

wallet outer metamask

Here, you will have to add your MetaMask wallet address. To do so, open MetaMask and simply tap on your address to copy it in the clipboard.

Metamask address

Then paste the address in the app.

Then give it whatever name you want (ex: MetaMask wallet) and press ” Continue “.

add metamask address

Then you just have to press ” Plumbing Retreat “.

VVS withdrawal

There you go, your VVS tokens should be visible soon in your MetaMask wallet.

Interact with the various decentralized applications (Dapps) of Cronos

Now that you’re a happy owner of VVS tokens, it’s time to put them to good use.

Here is some apps that you can encounter within the Cronos ecosystem:

ecosystem timelines

Part of the different applications of the Cronos blockchain – Source: Medium

Note that the possibilities on Cronos are multiple: cross-chain bridge, gaming, yield farming as well as exchanges via several decentralized exchanges (DEX), among others.

For this example we will go to the DEX

In order to be able to use the various tools of the site, it will therefore be necessary connect your wallet clicking on ” Connect Wallet » then selecting « Metamask “.

You will have to repeat this operation each time you want to perform an action for the first time, regardless of the application or the blockchain.

VVS Financial Portfolio Metamask

The VVS.Finance site now has permission to interact with your MetaMask wallet. You can for example farming with certain pairs, or you can even try your hand at swapping by exchanging some VVS for other tokens.

No matter what, always give rights only to sites you are SURE you can trust.. Always check the URL and always inquire about sites whose address seems suspicious or in any case foreign.

If you have ever given authorization to any application or to a fraudulent site and wish to reconsider your choice, this is possible by going to the Debank site.

Connect your MetaMask wallet to the site, go to “ My profile » then click on the tab « Approval “.

Debank approval

Then click on ” Decline at the level of the line concerned. The site or application in question will no longer have access to your MetaMask wallet.

Refuse Debank

That’s it for this guide to configure MetaMask to use the Cronos blockchain which, we hope, will have succeeded in meeting your expectations.

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