Historical figures of the game show "Numbers and letters", Bertrand Renard and Arielle Boulin-Prat leave the show

Historical figures of the game show “Numbers and letters”, Bertrand Renard and Arielle Boulin-Prat leave the show


Bertrand Renard, who arbitrated the numbers section, had participated in this program broadcast on France 3 since 1975. Arielle Boulin-Prat had been in charge of the animation of the letters part since 1986.

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The end of a long adventure. Bertrand Renard and Arielle Boulin-Prat, historical figures of the program “Des figures et des lettres”, will leave the game show broadcast on France 3, announced France Télévisions to AFP on Friday August 19, confirming information from Parisian (paid item).

Bertrand Renard, who refereed the numbers section, had been on the show since 1975. He was himself a former contestant on the game show. Arielle Boulin-Prat was in charge of the animation of the letters part since 1986.

On the other hand, the main animator of the game, Laurent Romejko, will continue to occupy this role which he has held since 1992. “The adventure ‘Numbers and letters’ will continue more than ever. We are working with Laurent Romejko and Patrice Laffont, the producer, to write a new page in its history.”assures Alexandra Redde-Amiel, director of the games, variety and entertainment unit of France Télévisions.

Previously daily, “Numbers and Letters” will now be broadcast on weekends at the end of the afternoon. “This change of box is part of our strategy of enriching the editorial offer of France 3 at the weekend, in which the arrival of Michel Drucker also participates with Roll on Sundayjustifies Alexandra Redde-Amiel. “We want to offer ‘Numbers and letters’ to a family audience of all generations”she adds.

“Numbers and Letters”, which consists of forming the longest possible word or finding a number from randomly drawn letters and numbers, has existed in its current form since 1972. It was launched in 1965 with only the letters part, under the name “The longest word”.

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