Bernard Tapie

his luxurious villa in St Tropez sold at an exorbitant price (photos)

La Mandala, the Saint-Tropez villa of businessman Bernard Tapie, who died in October 2021, has a new owner.

Looking forward toa decision of the French justice. Tony Tamer paid twice as much as the previous owner to take over this house, which also belonged to the heiress and ex-wife of Roger VadimKatherine Schneider. Indeed, in 2012, Bernard Tapie bought La Mandala for only 47 million euros.

Bernard Tapie Mandala

But Tony Tamer will have to wait a little longer before returning to the scene. The former owner being Bernard Tapiethe villa was frozen by French justice due to the debt of 620 million euros that the former boss of OM was due to repay when he died in October 2021. He had acquired the house in 2012, via a Luxembourg companyowned by GBT holding, a Belgian company, which he owned.

The Mandala finally sold

Once the situation has been resolvedTony Tamer will be able to come and enjoy all the advantages of this villa. In addition to a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropezit also offers direct access to Graniers beachtwo hectares of land and a swimming pool.

Nine months after the death of Bernard TapieLa Mandala, his superb villa in Saint-Tropez, was sold on Wednesday July 6 at auction. Interested buyers had until 3:30 p.m. that day to submit their offers in an envelope to the Liège company court. It was ultimately an American investor based in Miami who won the jackpot with an offer of 81.2 million euros. This is more than the minimum sale price of 65 million euros.

For the moment, the new buyer wishes to remain anonymous. It is rumored that he is not in himself a ‘personality’, either in finance or other sectorssays a source familiar with the matter. Before the auctionthe names of many fortunes of the new economy had circulated among the potential interested parties. In the end, two similar offers were made.

Surrounded by a two-hectare park, witha swimming pool and access to the seathe 500 m² residence had been purchased by the former boss of OM in September 2011 for 48 million euros, via a Luxembourg company, SREI, itself owned by GBT holdinga Belgian company which has since been placed in compulsory liquidation like the other structures of Bernard Tapie.

Judicial liquidation

At the time, the businessman had just seen each other award 404 million euros by an arbitration tribunal in its dispute with the Realization Consortium (CDR)the public body responsible for managing the liabilities of Crédit Lyonnais.

In 2015, the arbitration award was eventually overturnedand Bernard Tapie was ordered to repay the sum plus interest. A debt estimated at nearly 620 million a few weeks before his death.

The money from the sale of La Mandala will therefore be used to repay part of its debt.

Bernard Tapie

According sources familiar with the matterthe sales agreement is being written and his signature is organized. Once the sale definitively concluded between the liquidator and the new owner, the latter must however be patient before taking possession of the premises: the property is still the subject of a judicial seizure which must be lifted.

Coincidentlyan auction of the property of Bernard Tapie also took place in Paris on July 6, organized in in the context of the judicial liquidation of its companies. According to information from M6, the amount of sales reached the sum of 4,583,170 euros.

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