Hints of a time jump between Shadowlands and Dragonflight - World of Warcraft

Hints of a time jump between Shadowlands and Dragonflight – World of Warcraft


In recent days, Portergauge has noted the existence of discussions devilishly interesting on Dragonflight. These refer to events that took place between Shadowlands and Dragonflight. From what we can learn, several years would have passed between the death of the Jailer and your departure for the Dragon Islands, with all that this may generate of events that have passed in the meantime.

In practice, there are two discussions. The first takes place in Orgrimmar between Theron and Thalyssra. The second takes place in Stormwind and features Greymane and Shaw. In both cases, we feel the existence of a jump in time, with in particular the absence of Anduin and the fact that no one knows where he is now.

Warning, this news contains spoilers

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Here is a dialogue available in Orgrimmar on the Fort Grommash platform. To get it, you have to take the quest for the Dragon Islands, abandon it and then return to take another quest in Orgrimmar, on the side of the Zeppelin platform outside the city.

Lor’themar Theron : Sweet years have passed since our troops returned from the Shadowlands. Alas, this calm seems to be coming to an end, my love.

Thalyssra : In effect. We were blessed with a brief respite from the usual perils and tribulations. Without that, you could have found an excuse to refuse my marriage proposal.

Lor’themar Theron : Your question ? Yet I am certain that it was I who begged you to marry me, Thalyssra.

Thalyssra : Lor’themar Theron! You place so much importance on your duty that you would have postponed our wedding for a skewed picture at Silvermoon. It is fortunate that our two kingdoms witnessed our union. Otherwise, you might try to deny that it ever happened.

Lor’themar Theron : Denying the best day of my life? Never.


The following dialogue was accessible in the first build of Dragonflight for players who completed the intro quest and then returned to Stormwind.

Shaw : King Greymane, I thought you should know. Irion asked if there had been any news of…

Greymane : Anduin? He asked me the same question. Although their friendship has been strained, I know the king considers Wrathion an ally.

Shaw : Several years have passed since the heroes of Azeroth returned from the Realms of Death.

Shaw : During this time, I followed countless leads. Reports that the king has been sighted here or there. None of them turned out to be true.

Greymane : I don’t think we’ll find Anduin until he wishes to be found. It can take some time.

Shaw : Turalyon is popular with nobles, and a natural leader for our soldiers. But the people of Stormwind miss their king.

Greymane : The best thing each of us can do is give Anduin the time he needs. And to be there for when he gets home.

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