here is what will change for users

here is what will change for users


Follow the publications of his friends on Facebook? It will now be less obvious. The social network, through the voice of its boss Mark Zuckerberg, announced on Thursday July 21, 2022 a major overhaul of its application’s home page. In particular, to offer more content selected by the social network’s algorithms.

In a message on the social network, Mark Zuckerberg clarified the contours of this announcement. “One of the most requested features on Facebook is to make sure users don’t miss their friends’ posts,” wanted to reassure the boss of Facebook from the outset.

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He then makes this announcement: “Today we’re launching a Feeds tab, where you can see your friends’ posts, groups, pages, and more in chronological order”. The novelty is that this tab will be separated from the home page.

More recommendations on the homepage

The Feeds tab will actually replace the current version of how the homepage works. Mark Zuckerberg reserves another destiny for the latter.

“The app will always be open to a personalized feed on the Home tab, where our discovery engine will recommend the content that will interest you the most,” he explains. Clearly, it will now be artificial intelligence that will decide for you what you will have in front of you.

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However, the boss specifies that the Feeds tab “will give you a way to personalize and have more control over your experience.” To regain control of your news feed, you will have to take the reflex to click on this new tab.

Facebook is copying TikTok?

This announcement is no coincidence. Facebook thus wishes to compete with its Chinese rival TikTok, which is seeing its number of users soar. Conversely, Facebook struggles to attract the youngest.

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TikTok offers its users to browse through short entertaining videos, made to grab attention quickly. The algorithm that manages this stream of videos alternates between what the user likes to watch, and other content that the artificial intelligence chooses for him. A mechanism that Facebook has therefore chosen to adopt as well.

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