Voici les contenus interdits aux moins de 18 ans que l'on peut trouver dans le métavers de Facebook

Here is the content prohibited for people under 18 that can be found in the Facebook metaverse


news material Here is the content prohibited for people under 18 that can be found in the Facebook metaverse

As one can imagine quite easily, the metaverse will not always be in front of everyone’s eyes, and Meta knows it. Part of this virtual world will be reserved for an informed public: you have been warned!

If the advantages of the metaverse are very often touted for playing games, playing sports, organizing virtual meetings for work or even for attending concerts, this does not mean that some companies do not think of uses more specific… and, in the context that interests us, more naughty.

Meta, Facebook’s parent company behind the metaverse concept, enables hundreds of thousands of virtual reality headset users explore 3D worlds created from scratch via its Horizon Worlds platform. At present, more than 10,000 worlds have already been createdproof of the public’s enthusiasm for the service. But not all of them are intended for all audiences.

Virtual worlds prohibited to minors

To prevent young users of Meta Quest 2 from finding themselves embedded in a virtual world that is not dedicated to them, Meta has just announced the implementation of an “18+ beacon” within Horizon Worlds. “We want Horizon to be a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. When worlds are intended for mature audiences, Meta requires the world to be marked as such”indicates the page dedicated to the service. Users have also received an email announcing this modification of the conditions of use.

Thus, virtual worlds will have to display an 18+ tag if they include the following elements:

  • sexual contentl: For example, near-nudity, depictions of people in implied or suggestive positions, or an environment focused on overly suggestive activities.
  • Worlds that are primarily dedicated or focused on promoting marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, or age-regulated activities (including gambling).
  • Intense or excessively violent fictional contentincluding bloody, which may shock or disgust users.

While the 18+ tag is intended to protect young people from inappropriate virtual content, that does not mean that Horizon Worlds allows everything that can be staged on its platform. Indeed, the list of prohibitions is large, and it concerns in particular:

  • Sexually explicit or provocative contentr, including nudity, depictions of people in explicit positions, or sexually provocative or implied content or worlds.
  • Content that describes or encourages the use of illegal drugs or prescription drug abuse.
  • Content promoting criminal or dangerous activities.
  • Content that depicts intense real-life violenceincluding blood.
  • Content that attempts to buy, sell or trade real regulated goods such as firearms, blades, alcohol and tobacco.

It is rather reassuring to note that the limits continue to exist in the metaverse, and that under cover of virtual world, Meta does not authorize the users to do anything. Perhaps the situation will change when other similar platforms emerge in the future.

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