here are all the new things to know

here are all the new things to know


We installed ColorOS 13 (Android 13) in beta on an Oppo Find X5 Pro. New features, new design elements, here’s everything we discovered.

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As expected, the global beta launch of Oppo’s interface, ColorOS 13 based on Android 13, took place on August 18 at 1 p.m. sharp (Paris time). If we do not yet have information on its public availability, we were able to install it on a compatible smartphone for a first grip. As this is a far from stable beta version, we prefer to wait a little longer before offering you a full test. Here’s what we learned.

ColorOS 13 on a Find X5 Pro.
ColorOS 13 on a Find X5 Pro. // Source: Frandroid

“Major” novelties

The most anticipated novelty is also the least surprising. The vast majority of users no doubt appreciated the Monet system, which allows tapping into the wallpaper for interface colors, so Oppo decided to take it a step further. Just a little bit.

Instead of and four color choices, you will therefore find six, with the addition of a new blue “inspired by the subtle color differences on the water at sunrise and sunset”writes the mark. Next to the now 16 color palettes offered on the Pixel Experience, it’s still a bit cheap, but it’s still taken. On the other hand, on this same subject of colors, the real good idea of ​​ColorOS, which consists in being able to manually choose the colors of the wallpaper from which to draw, is still there.

To continue on the purely design part, the shortcuts pane has been completely redesigned, so as to better highlight three tiles. Two of them can be customized, while the one that manages the music player is irremovable. The manager of the associated audio devices also evolves somewhat on the sidelines.

Handy additions

If ColorOS 13 does not seem to offer a revolution compared to Oppo’s much appreciated interface, it at least has the merit of bringing some interesting features. We are thinking, for example, of an ability to automatically blur names and avatars when taking a screenshot from a Messenger or WhatsApp conversation.

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We should also mention the addition of an encrypted safe which allows you to put aside sensitive documents. Some privacy options added by Android 13 are also invited to the party, such as the automatic deletion of the clipboard after a certain time or the possibility of using the Nearby Wi-Fi feature without revealing its position. . ColorOS also offers a novelty that helps hide a sensitive window in multitasking.

ColorOS 13 masking

Another important new feature, if you make a video call, ColorOS should manage so that the notifications take up a little less space. Child mode has also been slightly improved. This will now warn children who use the phone when their environment is too dark, to avoid damaging their eyes, or if they are too close to the screen.

More anecdotally, the icons of the basic applications have been redesigned and the fonts offer more settings for bold, size or even style. It is also now possible to display its application folders in large. Let’s add that the Shelf, an equivalent of the iOS control center, receives a few more widgets for the occasion.

What is still missing

Android 13, in its primary form visible at Google, displays many new features that are still missing here. If the possibility of using the phone in multiple accounts is present, we can regret that Oppo has overlooked other important points.

Color OS 13 (2)

For example, it is impossible to set a specific language per application. No trace either of the passage of notifications in opt-in for the moment. We bet, however, that Oppo will be able to add these important new features by the final version of its interface.

Finally, know that the interface at this stage is aptly called beta. Indeed, we can not advise you to install it now, the amount of bugs is still very important. Small example: the search bar in the application drawer no longer works at all.

Compatible devices

For once a manufacturer under Android communicated a clear view of the devices that will receive its update in beta, so take advantage of it. Here is the official list communicated by Oppo:

  • August 2022: Find X5 Pro and Find X5;
  • September 2022: Find X3 Pro, Reno 8 Pro 5G;
  • October 2022: Reno8 5G, Reno7 Pro 5G, Reno7 5G, Reno7, Reno6 5G, F21 Pro, K10 5G, A77 5G, A76;
  • November 2022: Reno7 Z 5G, Reno6 Pro 5G, Reno6 Pro 5G Diwali Edition, Reno6 Z 5G, Reno5 Pro 5G, Reno5 Pro, F21 Pro 5G, F19 Pro+, K10, A96;
  • December 2022: Find X5 Lite 5G, Find X3 Neo 5G, Find X3 Lite 5G, Find X2 Pro, Find X2 Pro Automobili Lamborghini Edition, Find X2, Reno8, Reno8 Z 5G, Reno5 5G, Reno5 Z 5G, A94 5G, A74 5G ;
  • first half of 2023: Oppo Pad Air, Reno8 Lite 5G, Reno7 Lite 5G, Reno7 A, Reno6, Reno6 Lite, Reno5, Reno5 Marvel Edition, Reno5 F, Reno5 Lite, Reno5 A, F19 Pro, F19, F19s, A95, A94 , A77, A74, A57, A57s, A55, A54 5G, A54s, A53s 5G, A16s.
Source: Oppo

When it’s time, your compatible device should offer you the update in Settings > About device. There tap at the top right of the page on the three dots, choose Trial versions, follow the instructions, and you are there.

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