her make-up transformation panics TikTok

her make-up transformation panics TikTok


The makeup can it radically change a person? Redesigned face thanks to contouring, enlarged eyes, fuller mouth… It is sometimes difficult to recognize a person before and after a few strokes. If for some make-up is a small pleasure or even sometimes a chore, it is quite a art for others. Thanks to techniques worthy of the greatest professionals, some women are simply unrecognizable.

With social networks, transformations are happening more and more many. Many beauty and makeup influencers amaze internet users with their awesome styles. On TikTok, we no longer count the number of videos that have become viral. This is particularly the case with the clips of Sarah, a beauty enthusiast who regularly shares previews on the Chinese social network.

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A before and after that shocked the Web

On the platform, theinfluencer has already racked up over 350,000 subscribers and 5.3 million likes. Although the majority of his videos are liked by thousands of people, one of his transformations has particularly shocked the Webe. In total, the enthusiast accumulates more than 5000000 views on this content. At the start of the clip, the make-up adept faces the camera, bare-faced, with her hair cut short messy and taking off his pair of glasses.

The make-up then begins and continues with several essential steps. She prepares her eyebrows then embarks on a very colorful eye makeup using vibrant tones like pink, orange, blue and coral. After blending everything out, the beauty specialist went to thecomplexion stage with the application of a foundation, a shiny concealer and a bronzer to achieve a perfect set. She employs the now famous techniques of modeling to refine her nose and create more prominent cheekbones.

All before/after make-up have one thing in common in terms of technique: the modeling. Whether the result is natural or sophisticated, the make up artist is always busy creating a perfect complexion. These tips allow you to redraw the face completely. They play on shadows and light to hollow cheeks and refine certain features such as the nose. Thus, they make it possible to camouflage wrinkles andlook younger.

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A bluffing transformation thanks to makeup

The result is stunning ! Once the makeup was done, Sarah put on a white t-shirt and a blonde wig with a few colored streaks that echo the rainbow theme of her eyes. The video accumulates more than 2,000 comments which contain, for the most part, the stunned reactions Web users. If she is unrecognizable, the influencer is simply radiant and her smile has caused many compliments among the messages received.

The make-up artist wanted to send a message with her video. She responded to a user who explains being traumatized by the transformations of women after the make-up box. The support posts against him are also numerous. One TikTok user wrote: Why do people think we do makeup for them? “. Sarah continues to publish her makeup sessions and seems more fulfilled than ever. And that’s all we want!

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