He learns that his fiancée is unfaithful, his terrible revenge during the wedding!

Many women imagine their marriage as the best day of their life. Yet, for one bride in particular, this eminent wedding day did not turn out the way she wanted…Instead of being the best day of her life, it turns out the worst for sure.

A judgment made by the future groom, in a justified way despite everything, which led to this descent into hell. And the most serious thing about this anecdote is that it was then broadcast on television! Sean McInerney, one of the guests at this wedding, spoke about it on a British talk show, Graham Norton Show to cheerfully expose the circumstances to the whole world. Let’s take a look at what took place.

A wedding ceremony that made people react

According to Sean McInerney, the ceremony was a splendid event. But the ceremony easily found someone to get rid of as quickly as expected. The bride and her dress slid down the endless aisle. The two future spouses exchanged their vows. All the guests waved to the newlywed couple as they made their way between the rows of chairs, filled with their families and friends. Later, everyone gathered in a dining hall to enjoy the feast. It was all the same at that time that the speeches were going to be delivered. What no one expected is that the husband had a very detailed plan to deploy…

The terrible truth about the groom’s wife has been revealed. Fortunately, some friends of the groom confessed to him that his wife had cheated on him with several men in the past. Most of these men were at his wedding… The furious groom preferred not to leave his wife right away, and instead came up with a vicious plan to confront his “future wife”. Although the groom suddenly hates the woman he just married, he has to keep his mouth shut for his plan to work perfectly. Early in the day, while the bride was happily and busily getting ready, he chose to break into the reception hall. And this, to locate the place where his multiple suitors were seated. He then drew a red drop under each of their plates. Although this action seems futile, the groom had more than one trick up his sleeve…

A game that turns into drama at the wedding

After the guests found their assigned seats, the man began to make his speech, he began by attracting theattention of guests by a game. First, he asked everyone to get up and then to turn over their plate, each person then looked under there for themselves and if there was a red drop they had to stand while everyone else had to sit down. The wedding guests gradually began to feel tension from the young man. At this time, the guests found her rather bizarre request. Gradually people started to sit down, looking at the group of people still standing things changed, becoming even weirder. Only men remained.

The newlywed then announced that each man still standing was part of an affair with his new bride. The bride and her lovers turned scarlet red. Everyone wondered why the young man let the marriage go through if he already knew what happened with his wife. That same afternoon he decided to call off the wedding for reason of adultery. The bride burst into tears, and the man took her things without saying a word. The fact that there were so many men left standing seemed to have helped a great deal in carrying out his plan. Indeed, since there were many of them, it made revenge even more piquant. You should know that at the reception, there were eight men still standing during roll call! They had all shared at least one night with the woman.

An awkward situation for all guests

While most of the guests were shocked at the situation. The bride’s parents were trying at all costs to console her. Seeing her reaction, everyone stared at her knowing that the allegations had to be confirmed. Otherwise, they wouldn’t all have had the same reaction. After a few moments, the element of surprise disappeared and the guests resumed their occupations at the table. Once the party is over, the guests do not hurry to leave, but on the contrary, still try to see what is happening in the house. As for the groom, he managed to get his revenge well at his wedding. And this, since he will have managed to score all the guests. From now on, they will no longer be able to look at the bride with the same eye.

Sean told the whole story without the large red chair from the Graham Norton Show turns around ! Moreover, the invited celebrities and the public cheered him on throughout. Sean was officially allowed to get up from the chair, without any rolling over. While many viewers found the story amusing, some looked around, still in shock. Although nothing seems to compare to witnessing such a dreadful event. But just hearing the story was enough to arouse excitement. The best reaction of all was from TV presenter, Graham Norton. Nothing and no one was so shocked.

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