Harry Potter en 4K : les précommandes sont lancées pour le coffret ultime du sorcier !

Harry Potter in 4K: pre-orders are launched for the ultimate wizard box!

Good deal news Harry Potter in 4K: pre-orders are launched for the ultimate wizard box!

The adventures of Harry Potter have marked more than one! Films from childhood and/or adolescence, the world of the young wizard is extended with the other saga which has taken over, Fantastic Beasts. We can finally find all of the two sagas in a complete version, and it’s already on pre-order!

Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts: the complete 11 films in blu ray 4K finally in pre-order at Amazon

At Amazon, you can find everything, and especially at very competitive prices. And it’s almost natural, given that we are talking about the world leader in online sales. But Amazon is also the place where you can pre-order real nuggets.

This is the case with this 4K blu-ray box set including all the films from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts saga. The latter will be available on August 24, and it is possible to get your hands on the full version for less than €200 right now!

Pre-order the complete Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts at 199€ at Amazon

From a chronological point of view, we were first treated to the Harry Potter saga. The latter traces the adventures and evolution of the young wizard Harry Potter within the world of witches and wizards, and more particularly his passage within the famous school of witchcraft, Hogwarts.

During this story, we therefore find the young Harry Potter living among muggles (those who do not possess magical power). Completely unaware of the existence of the magical world, the latter suddenly enters his life when he receives his letter of admission to Hogwarts, the great school of witchcraft.

It is for him the beginning of a long series of adventures, but also of revelations about his past, that of his missing parents and above all, of the famous scar that he has in the shape of a lightning bolt on his forehead.

The Fantastic Beasts saga, it focuses on telling the adventures of Norbert Scamander. Although airing after Harry Potter, the Fantastic Beasts film series takes place 65 years before the boy wizard’s story began. This saga focuses on following the young Norbert and his research on all the animals that inhabit the magical world. From the most harmless like the Bowtruckle to the most dangerous like the Eruptive.

But above all, the Fantastic Beasts saga takes place at a time which saw the arrival of a famous black magician: Gellert Grindelwald.

Completing the first saga, these two series of films are now available in full box set in 4K format!

Pre-order the complete Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts at 199€ at Amazon

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