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Guillaume Canet lived a real nightmare on vacation at Bixente Lizarazu: terrifying revelations!

Guillaume Canet will remember it for a long time his stay in the Basque Country. Invited by his close friend, the commentator of the matches of the Euro women’s football, the actor has agreed to spend his holidays in the company of this one. They spent a few days in the house of Bixente Lizarazu in the Basque Country until Guillaume Canet returned to Paris days later. For good reason, he was rushed to hospital after a bad bite. What really happened?

“I get bitten on both sides actually”

You should know that Bixente Lizarazu likes to invite his friends to spend holidays in his house in the Basque Country, in his native region. While Guillaume Canet was exhausted by the end of his editing on his film “Don’t tell anyone”, he accepted the invitation of his great friend.

Nothing like a vacation rest and rejuvenate. The stay was going well. In addition to moments of relaxation, they also offered surfing sessions. Everything went wellat least for a few days.

Invited in the show of the French international footballer, March 11, 2021, the actor came back to the nightmare that he lived. One night Diane Kruger’s ex-husband got bitten by a spider called a Spanish tarantula in the groin.

“I get bitten on both sides actually,” he said.

He was hospitalized

The next day, Marcel and Louise’s father complained of a little pain to his friend.

“And there, in the morning, I said to him ‘Ah it hurts!’ “, he recalled.

Faced with this, the former footballer assured him that it’s nothingthat it wasn’t that bad. They then acted as if nothing had happened and continued their afternoon at the beach. However, two days later, things got worse.

“I’m leaving and the bites are starting to get a little, a little ugly. And then it gets infected, ”said Gilles Lellouche’s sidekick.

His left testicle had become “as big as the microphone of France blue, and blue like that” as he described it. Once in the emergency room, the director was quickly taken care of for sepsis and staphylococcus aureus.

Guillaume ended up at the Pompidou Hospitaland this, “alone” and without “a friend who comes to see him”.

“I spend a month of total depression,” he said.

No doubt it was a nightmare for Guillaume Canet.

His experience, at the origin of the film “Les Petits Mouchoirs”?

It is true that he keeps a bad memory on this experience, but Guillaume Canet can also thank this tarantula. For good reason, this injection and his hospitalization inspired one of his greatest hits At the movie theater.

When he left the Pompidou hospital, the forties spent a few days with a friend in Ferret. However, not everything went as he had planned.

“We argued on the second day and I left,” he confessed at the microphone of France Bleu.

Somewhat uplifted, Guillaume Canet went to Corsica, where he wrote “Les petits mouchoirs”.

“I wrote it in one go following this Spanish tarantula from Bixente Lizarazu,” he said.

This revelation surprised the 1998 world champion.

“I didn’t know the story,” he said, looking dumbfounded.

What arouse a funny request to Guillaume Canet:

“So if you see her again, you say ‘Thank you Tarantula’. »

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